Weekly Search Term Roundup: 04-16-07


Well today’s post is a day late but hopefully not a dollar short. Enough of the bullshit, On with the list. 

  • hairy bushed nuns
  • why I suck cock
  • famous midgets
  • cumshots
  • famous toon search
  • jail haiku’s
  • boob toons
  • I love to masterbate female
  • how to be a gentlemanly lover
  • beth chapman bra size
  • pie haiku’s
  • fuck
  • tittie fest
  • priceless tuck your nuts
  • prize for nappy headed ho’s
  • perverted nuns
  • blog titties
  • nappy headed ho dolls
  • nuns in panties
  • nappy headed ho titties
  • how to masterbate
  • trust love proverb
  • nappy headed ho coffee cups
  • sanjaya is a nappy headed ho
  • dirty tasteless gif’s
  • toothless blowjobs

I want to personally thank Don Imus for his nappy headed ho remark. His tragedy has been a boon for my search term index. Now I have to find me one of those nappy headed ho dolls. And I might add a big you’re very welcome to all of those who are searching for a gummer toon.

3 Responses to “Weekly Search Term Roundup: 04-16-07”

  1. Hahah! That toon is fucking awesome! Toothless blowjobs, dammit to hell, that was gonna be my next entry!

    Go ahead. I would love to hear your views on the subject. – Pure Evyl

  2. nappy headed ho coffee cups?? cool! i don’t even drink coffee and i want one!

    Hell Yeah!!! – Pure Evyl

  3. *sanjaya is a nappy headed ho* i haven’t even seen this series of idol, yet this doesn’t surprise me….there’s been so much press about him even over here 😯

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