Weekly Search Term Roundup: 04-29-07


Oh my golly, once again it’s the time for the post with the most. On with the sickness, here’s the list.

  • pregnant toons
  • Texas law about selling used panties
  • how many cocks to suck in one day
  • medical tune of working in the chain gang
  • beastiality ‘pancho villa’ sucks porn
  • 60 something woman boobs
  • diamond studded clit ring
  • catch phrase for female masterbation
  • freaks of cock
  • quotes for global warming
  • batbitch
  • bra pics
  • granny needs cock
  • pure love boob
  • love haiku
  • tittie blog
  • weird masterbation
  • punishment toons
  • masterbation inventor
  • cops stripping
  • granny busted
  • gay masterbation tech
  • i feel myself, female masterbation

I really don’t think that one could ever go back in history to find the inventor of masturbation. When arising from the primordial muck, one of the first things that life did was most likely to rub their reproductive organ in the mud. I feel dirty just thinking about it. It’s either that or I really need to give up gardening with a woody.

    6 Responses to “Weekly Search Term Roundup: 04-29-07”

    1. Quotes for global warming?????? Are you going political on us, dude? It never ceases to amaze the terms that lead people to your site. You could start your own Wiki dicitionary for the shall we say, unusual? 😉


      I try not to get very political but there is a post that I have in draft form detailing my socio-political leanings. I would post it but I am afraid that I may have to dodge both the FBI and the men in the white jackets once I do.

      BTW,a one-stop on-line perversion source does have a nice sound to it. – Pure Evyl

    2. Diamond studded clit ring. Hmm, that’d be purdy.
      Love the toon!

      Purdy as a picture. – Pure Evyl

    3. great list evyl, as always and the toon is great as well…. annie’s comment got me…it’s a bloody good idea…perhaps you could do another page???
      they could have one point of reference then and not have to trawl like they do now…you seem to enjoy giving people what they want being the quite the host that you are 🙂

      Being a gracious host is what I am all about. – Pure Evyl

    4. and you do it so well darlin’ 🙂

      Thank ya kindly. – Pure Evyl

    5. how many cocks to suck in one day

      Ahhh…decisions, decicions

      I wonder if they ever found an answer. I suppose it is based on jaw muscle ability. – Pure Evyl

    6. AAAAhhhahahaha! *snort*

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