Giving The People What They Want: Part Six


Now you know why I’m Evyl. How do ya like me now? Buhahahah!!!

6 Responses to “Giving The People What They Want: Part Six”

  1. Not exactly work safe. But phunny assed pic.

    Ain’t it though. – Pure Evyl

  2. lolololol……she/he is pretty hot, with or without the ‘extra’ equipment! 😉
    Thanks for the smiles

    You are very welcome. – Pure Evyl

  3. why was i not surprised at the end result??? 🙂

    I have no idea! 😉 – Pure Evyl

  4. Man, that’s a blind date I’ll never forget…

    You too. That’s scary. – Pure Evyl

  5. it’s getting to where i can’t look at your blog at work anymore, you dirty dawg!! LOL

    My brother was scared to read my blog at work before I even started posting pics. I decided awhile back to pick up my game. I hate to do anything half assed. – Pure Evyl

  6. Yikes! A batwinger!

    Yikes is right. – Pure Evyl

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