I’m Talking Bacon


Click the pic. I am fucking speechless.

10 Responses to “I’m Talking Bacon”

  1. That is one HUGE hog!! Just in time for the holiday weekend; when’s the BBQ?!

  2. That’s one HUGE hog!!! Just in time for the holiday weekend; where’s the BBQ?

    The story states that they made the hog into sausage. I am thinking it would be one hell of a breakfast burrito. – Pure Evyl

  3. gives the expression “yum yum pigs bum” a whole new meaning…
    holy fuck that’s a lot of pig! like to see the size of the spit that’s gonna fit on 😯

    True. – Pure Evyl

  4. Mum and her slang. I can’t understand half of it! hah!
    I see it and I wonder how big the wiener is.

    I should have seen that one cuming. – Pure Evyl

  5. There are pigs and then there are pigs. I’d like to see the chickens they get the eggs from to go with that bacon. 😆

    It would most likely be like the peyote scene in Young Guns. – Pure Evyl

  6. Mmm. . peyote.

  7. redbirdsfan Says:

    Damn, this thing would’ve fit right in with the other boars on “Lost”. Frankly, if I ever saw something that big, the only thing I’d be able to do would be to shit myself..

    That is one amazing kid no doubt. – Pure Evyl

  8. We was only discussing the additives in American food, see, that stuff could come back to bite you in the bum!

  9. holy hogballs Batman!!

  10. I smell bacon.

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