Fuck You Haiku: Forty-Two

Bye Bye Bi

She said she was bi

I was in love til I knew

She meant bi-lingual.

5 Responses to “Fuck You Haiku: Forty-Two”

  1. hahahahaha!!! that was GREAT!

    All caps? You really know how to make a guys day. – Pure Evyl

  2. what a let down!!

    Ain’t that the truth. – Pure Evyl

  3. Oh darn, another love dream dashed. You just can’t get a break Evyl.

    Can’t win ’em all. – Pure Evyl

  4. omg Evyl! i am sitting here at work, feeling inspired once again by your true haiku talent and i came up with another special one just for you!
    it’s called “Love Stinks”
    So so hot outside
    Super sexy cutie pie
    Needs deodorant!
    hot damn! that’s really too bad huh? LOL

    Keep some body spray in your desk drawer. Douse the next love stinker. – Pure Evyl

  5. *thud* hahaha. *clapclapclap*

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