Simple Life Behind Bars: Updated


Poor Nicole Richie. Now that Paris is doing The Simple Life Behind Bars, Paris is getting all the media attention. Maybe Nicole will get so upset that she will go out and eat something.

BTW, do you think that Paris is wearing prison issue panties? Somehow I really doubt. But if she is, I bet the next gal issued those drawers will go around telling all their prison buddies that they got into Paris’s panties. That would certainly be a top-notch on any prison dykes bar.

Update: Now it looks like Paris has found God while in prison. Knowing from experience, Paris will undoubtedly lose him like a bad habit as soon as the brown stain between her fingers from smoking roll your own cigs disappears. Click here for the scoop.

11 Responses to “Simple Life Behind Bars: Updated”

  1. I always pictured her without the underlovelies.

    And I generelly pictured her in crotchless ones. – Pure Evyl

  2. that they recycle prison knickers is enough for me…problem with being next in hers is you’d never know where her nasty little nancy had been to start with…is there enough bleach in the world to combat that, i ask you????

    Maybe if they put a little Rid in the mix. – Pure Evyl

  3. look out on E-bay….it’s suprising how many ‘celebrity’ items get paraded as the ‘genuine article’!

    True that. – Pure Evyl

  4. chughes Says:

    Paris is disgusting. She looks like if she did wear panties, they’d smell bad.
    i wish i were a rich skank so i could get away with driving drunk and be worshiped for my skankiness.

    To be worshiped for my skankiness has been my life long dream. – Pure Evyl

  5. You know, she could probably walk out of that jail house will all of the cigarettes in the joint.

    Wonder how many squares she is asking for? Hell, I might even give her a couple of soups and a honey bun. – Pure Evyl

  6. I’m sure they’re will be a porn entiled “Encarcerated in Paris” or something.

    You know they are licking their ‘lips’ over this one. – Pure Evyl

  7. Yeah, but do you think the panties are color coordinated to match the orange jumpsuit? And really, she probably hired a cell mate to protect her from all them scary prison be-atches.
    I’d like to see a pic of her about 3 months from now – maybe we’d actually see what she really looks like, with 3 inch black roots, no makeup and a cut upper lip. Now there’s a picture worth half a mil.

    Even taken from a cell phone. – Pure Evyl

  8. These two fucking assclowns need desperately to be marooned on a deserted island together.
    Maybe they’d wind up eating each other.
    Unfortunately, right now Paris would get the shit end of the stick.
    <i>{yeah, I know, and somebody would probably film it and put it up on YouTube}</i>

    They might get a chance to share a cell. Nicoles trial is coming up later this month and there is word that Paris may be re-incarcerated. – Pure Evyl

  9. Eating each other, Michael? heh ;]

  10. can you believe she’s out already!!?? 3 days!! so, now i know the truth really is if your rich you get away with anything. it’s such bullshit man!

    I just wonder what the undisclosed medical condition is. I don’t know of any std’s that would be grounds for home arrest. – Pure Evyl

  11. They need Evyl at that jail.. ah but alas she is back in kind of like the mob I thought I was out and they pulled me back in..
    The little “Princess” leaving the courtroom screaming “It’s not right”..”Mom”.. You couldn’t write material like this..It’s funny that the same shrink she uses is the one that “Jacko” uses him shrink to the nuts of “Hollweird”

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