Weekly Search Term Roundup: 06-09-2007

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ keep those search terms rollin’. Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ the list.

  • grannies gone wild
  • midgets in prison
  • fuck you gifs
  • big hot wet cock in forest city iowa
  • crazy sex gifs
  • love to see masterbate
  • gifs tits
  • how to be the perfect lover
  • europes most wanted
  • rusty trombone movies
  • difference in the term love
  • annie’s song
  • timeless tunes
  • fuck gifs
  • grannies fuck daughters
  • midget fuck
  • how can i cum while masterbating
  • sugared thoughts
  • perverted nuns
  • pancho villa maximum suction
  • raccoon blowjob
  • elves sucking cock
  • how to have perfect masterbation
  • perverted granny gifs
  • how to cum while masterbating
  • grandfathers sucking cock
  • skeleten woman fucking gif

I’m really starting to wonder about the number of people trying to find info on how to cum while masturbating. I always thought that it was an instinctual thing that everyone knows how to do from birth or at least as soon as puberity rears it’s head. Evidently this is not so. I will have to cum up with an informative post. Stay tuned true believers.

5 Responses to “Weekly Search Term Roundup: 06-09-2007”

  1. *grannies fuck daughters* not in this house they don’t 😆
    and i have to agree with the masturbation thing evyl…i would have thought it was pretty damned obvious how to cum whilst indulging oneself in this very entertaining activity, but apparently not! perhaps you could have a look on you tube and see if there’s an instructional video…nothing like a demonstration i always say…

    Maybe so. – Pure Evyl

  2. All those How To’s for Masturbation .. hmm .. ‘I will have to cum up with an informative post.’ You can’t do it from the woman’s view, now can you? ;]

    That’s true. Perhaps a few guest posts would be in order. I have one lined up. Do you know anyone else who might have such knowledge and would be willing to do a guest post? 😉 – Pure Evyl

  3. i had another look through…
    *midget fuck*…wonder if this a anything like a quickie????
    *elves sucking cock*…at least they’d be a good height hey?? 😆

    And what could be more festive? – Pure Evyl

  4. Yes, I think I know of someone who is knowledgable enough for the task ;]

  5. Timeless tunes? Europe’s most wanted? How’d they get in there? Of course, my favorite this week is Annie’s song – for obvious reasons. 😉

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