Sick Gif Fun

Gif images and photoshops are really becoming a strange compulsion with me. I really wonder what the person behind this pic is ingesting into their body. It really can’t be healthy.


11 Responses to “Sick Gif Fun”

  1. A little scary to say the least.

    Just a little. – Pure Evyl

  2. That is some twisted shit; but why can’t I stop looking then? Hmph! Nice titty face!

    It’s like a train wreck. You just can’t look away. – Pure Evyl

  3. I agree with Bella, I can’t stop looking at them….just waiting for the ‘what happens next..’ scenario lol

    There should be a part two. – Pure Evyl

  4. omfg!!! where the hell do you find these damned things evyl??? this is why i keep coming back you know….because i can’t wait to see what the fuck you’ve found!

    Sometimes it takes a lot of searching to find true gems. – Pure Evyl

  5. and true gems is exactly what you find i must say! 😆

    Thanks, darlin’. – Pure Evyl

  6. i think you should change the caption to ‘boob jobs gone bad.’ yes, i really do. 🙂

    That would be a good title. – Pure Evyl

  7. That’s just genetically wrong, dude. rotflmao

    It is wrong on so many levels. – Pure Evyl

  8. Oh Evyl — was nursing J when I saw this. LMAO. Am picturing a noseless guy when tries motorboat on “babyface tits.” *CRUNCH*

    Now that’s a strange coincidence. And really cool. – Pure Evyl

  9. OH MY GOD
    I gotta find a set like that somewhere… tittie fucking and a double blowjob at the same time? YEA BABY!
    Finally genetic engineering has come up with a useful idea. Now if they can just put a tongue in a vagina…

    Now that would be one miracle of science that we could all get into. – Pure Evyl

  10. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa,
    I can’t quite work out what I’m thinking with that- baby, baby breasts? I used to ask my mum which one was chocolate and which one was strawberry…apparently

    They come in flavors? I always get the vanilla I suppose. – Pure Evyl

  11. lol so funny!

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