Will I Bring Back The Roundup


One of the most well hit posts on this blog has been my weekly search term roundups. I really don’t think that I will bring back the Roundup as a weekly feature. Basically it is just a byproduct of my vanity to axe the weekly post. Somehow it chaps my ass that a list of terms such as lactating freaks, milk sucking bitches, silver dollar nipples, granny fucks midgets, or golden shower Sarah has more hits than my witty well thought out and heart wrenching posts such as this post.

But I still think that a good tasteless toon is always a good idea.

3 Responses to “Will I Bring Back The Roundup”

  1. Nuthin’ like a bitch slappin’ penguin. Thats some phunny shit right there.

    Fuckin’ A. – Pure Evyl

  2. i like the roundup, but it’s always cool to come up with new ideas. dont quit the haikus though, i LOVE those!

    One Haiku cummin’ up. – Pure Evyl

  3. I love ‘this post’ lol Must of been before my time, ‘cos I would’ve recalled reading a gem like that!
    Pricelessly tasteless dahlin! 😉

    That one was kinda tasty. – Pure Evyl

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