No Wonder They Were Blue In The Face


Come On. Click the pic. I double dog dare ya’.

4 Responses to “No Wonder They Were Blue In The Face”

  1. La la la la la la!!! No wonder those little fuckers always have a smile on their faces.

    Ain’t that the truth. And I might add thanks for commenting. You were the only one to do so. I guess everyone else can do what the song says. 😉 – Pure Evyl

  2. I clicked it but nothing happened. I was disappointed as I have a certain fantasy concerning smurfs. 8)


    I tried it again and it worked. Scroll down and wait for the vid to load. It is a little diddy sang by Smurfette and Papa Smurf entitled, ‘Papa Smurf Can I Lick Your Ass?’ – Pure Evyl

  3. It doesn’t seem to want to work in Firefox, so I tried it in IE. All I can say is: rotflmfao! The smurfette is a ‘ho, the Powerpuff girls make a cameo, and Towellie gets high for good measure.

    Who the hell makes this shit up, anyway? At least IE is good for something.


  4. Did click it!
    Good one!
    Considering I’m a collector of Smurfs (Schtroumpfs in the original language!)

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