Know When To Say When

The other day while I was watching a little boob tube, a commercial for Cialis came on. At the end of the commercial the smooth sounding narrator stated to not over indulge with alcohol when using Cialis. It reminded me of an old joke.

A man walked into a bar and ordered a bourbon on the rocks. After drinking it down, he pulled out a picture from his wallet and ordered another drink. After six drinks, the bartender asked him why he kept looking at the picture before ordering another drink. The man stated,’ As I left this morning, my wife told me she was horny and I would be getting some when I came home. I keep taking her picture out and looking at it. When she starts looking good, I’m going home.

I suppose that is what the announcer meant by overindulging. One should always have a good gauge to go by in order to know when to say when.

3 Responses to “Know When To Say When”

  1. This is so true, if I knew when enough was enough, my life would be so much smoother…but I have to admit, I kind of enjoy the rough ride now and again 😉

    You too? – Pure Evyl

  2. I guess men are not the only ones unthankful for help with impotence.

    I suppose. – Pure Evyl

  3. Thank God he was drinking bourbon and not Coors Light. He may have been there for a few weeks . . .

    Next time he might try tequila. It might work a little quicker. – Pure Evyl

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