No More Mr. Nice Guy (At Least For This Post)

As everyone that is accustomed to the poignant points of prose posted on this blogsite, I do not for the most part indulge in ranting profanities concerning the state of the world at large or my small corner of the universe, but in every one’s life there comes a time when one can no longer suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, and must vent a little steam. Therefore dear readers be forewarned that if you read any further you might happen to come across a profanity or three.

Fuck, shit, cocksucking, fucktarded, waste of cum, douchebag, assholes are taking over the whole damned shitting match and there ain’t a motherfucking thing that anyone can do about it. Murder is illegal and some of the asswipes in fucking charge are too fucking stupid to suck up air like the suck up cock.

Does that asshole douchebag Idaho cocksucker actually believe that anyone will fucking believe his whiny bitch ass? He states that anyone can just look at his voting record and tell how he stands on homosexuality. Fucking chickenshit cumguzzler!!! Anyone with half a fucking brain knows that the biggest fag haters are deep in the closet homos. The homophobic cocksmoker.

Now the liberal assed, panty waisted, feel good, cumbuckets in charge of our damned kids have come up with another wise fucking plan. Give birth control to spawns in fucking middle school without reporting to their parents. Sheer fucking genius dumbasses. What the fuck is wrong with waiting until kids get their drivers license before you give them a license to ride the double backed beast. Fucking cocksuckers won’t be happy until they start passing out fucking condoms in pre-K.

 The National Fucking Football League is actually thinking about hosting a Super Bowl in London. What a bunch of money grubbing tampon suckers!!! The Super Bowl is not just a damned game it is a verifiable American holiday. A day dedicated to watching a shitty over-hyped game while eating until you puke and drinking enough beer to float a motherfucking battleship. We do that because it is an American fucking game played in fucking America and as fucking Americans we should indulge in the best part of being an American which is the God Given Right to Overindulge over a Fucking Game where two teams of fucking Americans attempt to beat the shit out of each other.

I really hope that I did not offend anyone who might have come to this blogsite to see pretty pictures or read a bit of light hearted poetry. You are now free to surf around and see funny little cat pictures or surf free porn. Have Fun. 

Love and Kisses,

Pure Evyl 

7 Responses to “No More Mr. Nice Guy (At Least For This Post)”

  1. Awww, love and kisses back at’cha!
    I’m lovin’ the word “cumbucket”. Niiiice!

    It’s always been a favorite of mine. Glad that you liked it. Feel free to use it liberally today. – Pure Evyl

  2. that is, without a doubt, the BEST fucking rant i’ve ever seen!!
    what would we do without our luv chunks evyl??
    *kisses for you*

    Awww, thanks. – Pure Evyl

  3. Eat My Shit—my rant for boredom’s sake

    That’s right, eat it.
    Because I know Oprah goes down on all those little black girls in South Africa and smoothers herself in their urine. Because the democrats and the republicans suck each other off in the latest edition of Newspeak. Because it’s the church and the god and the headstrong maniacal preachers with their cum stained alliances to bread and butter warfare and the military industrial complex which sits atop the weary worker with her pathetic smile at the cash register when I pay for my sugarless ice tea that sustains me in my cotton-mouth, dizzy head after the too expensive dope I never smoke hits my brain at high velocity after three hours of hearing the bitching and moaning of parents who think their children should love them when they are lucky the kids keep them alive, fuck it, yea, you heard me; eat my shit!
    When I’m in the right mood, the world thinks I’m in the wrong mood and when I’m in the mood I swear by I might be arrested for manslaughter and that’s only beginning, yea, bitch, it’s the short of it and the end of it. For the ex’s in my past, for all the bosses I have hated, for the teachers that despised me because I actually read the books they assigned and never spat back the baby-booster seat bull inspired papers their “darlings” did…eat it!
    They’d have you think of yourself as a failure when you’re “right on” and when you’re young and can still take it; they know that when you are older, it will be easy to buy you, so you’re beaten down while you’re young…do not take it, refrain from explanation and march ’till it hurts. Have sex and don’t apologize for liking it. Make yourself strong buy looking in the mirror and fixating on your to deal with the manipulation and bullshit, and it makes you know you can look them in the eye and say “it” and mean it, whatever it might be. Here’s hoping I die with nothing, a no one, nobody, just like they all will, but I won’t miss it because I never got “used to it”, I always said, “eat my shit!” and really meant it, even when I was eating it as well. You are Well! Here is no “wellness” there is only being. Politeness never counts if it’s to a superior. Never think in term s of “superiors”. You could grow up to by a man in a boy’s world and have people think the opposite, but don’t let it phase you; you’re the one; you are the one who has to die when it’s time and it’s always time, always, always.
    It’s time to say eat my shit and have a plate for yourself because you are not beyond you are not behind –you are side by sliding off the edge with the rest and make sure you choose your friends wisely; they will be the ones to pick up the pieces when everyone else is done striping you clean and robbing you.

    And people think that I have issues. Damn dude even though your site appears to be spam, you have a unique way of ranting. So give it hell and Eat Shit. – Pure Evyl

  4. colawhore1 Says:

    one more thing…(sorry, it’s late, it’s the devil’s day, God is off for the next 30 minutes..okay?)

    Why do I get the impression that we have more to loose than to gain when I dream?
    Why does the A&E channel show snippets of death-culture?
    Is love an emotional contract between reason and faith?
    Should the rest of you vanish so that I may be free?

    Love is not a contract it is only a loosly binding agreement to not force your partner to sleep in the wet spot. And if everyone vanished you would still be shackled to your memories. – Pure Evyl

  5. colawhore1 Says:

    spam..DAMN ! I jsut started that mutha…!
    COLAWHORE is A. Wrifford

    A spammer has to start somewhere, I suppose. – Pure Evyl

  6. colawhore1 Says:

    Here’s something more “real” from the realist girl I know, my lady from Memphis. Watch out for that ass! She’ll steppin’ out in Harper or the New Yorker one day, yea !

    The Edge of Her Palace Walls

    Moving day lasts a moment:
    She packs one purse-
    Makeup, loose change, social worker business cards
    Working backwards, furiously,
    Against meaty fists, old dogs who can’t learn new tricks,
    Drug addicts who call her name on the street,
    Cyber junkies without restraining orders
    Security is a broken window,
    Jagged pieces of glass to keep them out

    Rich little poor girl.
    Like a child wearing her mother’s evening dress,
    She crams panties and bras and empty mace cans beside
    Blush and pennies and abuse hotline numbers.
    She hides the joint in her lipstick case,
    Prozac in the children’s Tylenol bottle.
    On the bed crying,
    On the bed living easy,
    But not living easy,
    “I’m not where I want to be,” she whispers into the phone.
    Her soft idle hands caressing her feet,
    “Where do you want to go,” he says into the receiver.
    She rolls between the sheets, smiling,
    Disconnected, shaking a bottle of perfume she bought herself
    On Mother’s Day.
    “To the edge of the palace walls,” she giggles.
    Pain and pleasure
    Maniacal euphoria
    Where love dwells

    Does the real girl have a name? – Pure Evyl

  7. colawhore1 Says:

    Yes, her name is Karen B.

    Thanks. – Pure Evyl

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