Whoops My Bad

While most of the image searches that I do are on Google, for the most part I use Yahoo. For one thing, I get a kick out of clicking the exclamation mark to hear the bonehead yodel and Yahoo has a lot of weird shit that I love. Tonight on the ‘Ask Yahoo’ feature, the question, ‘ Teen facials – Good or Bad for acne-prone skin’ was asked. You better believe I clicked fast on that one. My mind raced back to years ago when a female co-worker told me that she used her husband’s jizz as a face cream. I always wondered about that because she had a shitty complexion. But when I clicked the link all the fuck they talked about was exfoliating. What a pisser!!!

4 Responses to “Whoops My Bad”

  1. Maybe her husband was eating too much greasy food?

    Could be. – Pure Evyl

  2. yoohoo!! oh evyl one….you have been democratically voted to finish off “splendid”…only 2 people haven’t voted and you already have 7 votes, so you’re it darlin’…at your convenience is fine, so we’re waiting with bated breath to see what happens to our rather unfortunate heroine! we all have every faith in you, and no, it’s not misguided faith either!

    You like me. You really like me. I feel like Sally Fields. Nipply and everything. I can’t wait to get started check for the e-mail. – Pure Evyl

  3. Yuck…I’m already grossed-out by soon-to-be-old-ladies and their giant vats of “old-lady-preventing” creams, but now the image just got a little bit grosser…thanks man 🙂

    You are very welcome. – Pure Evyl

  4. wow…I’ve not really tried that for a face cream. but I do seem to find it helpful as….well thats another story. tee-hee! 😉

    And one that I’m dying to hear. – Evyl

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