WTF Is A Widget Anyway

Where can you find ass licking Smurfs, midget hookers, gay Prison Sex, Hot Pockets, Special Ed, Fat assed Rednecks, celebration of the word fuck, a dick in a box, Judas Priest, and Johnny Cash? You Tube or a pajama party at Pee Wee Hermans House. But you would have to wade through hours of crappy videos on You Tube or dodge used Kleenex’s at Pee Wee’s abode. Why Bother? You can get it all on my sidebar. I have added a vodpod widget so you can click and enjoy.

One Response to “WTF Is A Widget Anyway”

  1. Aw man, Smurfett’s little blue muffin was pixled out.

    I know but the tongue action was left intact. – Pure Evyl

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