No Wonder Fast Food Sucks: Part Two


7 Responses to “No Wonder Fast Food Sucks: Part Two”

  1. *snickers*

    Glad ya liked it. – Evyl

  2. I knew there were bugs where I eat but I didn’t know they did THAT to the food…
    mmmmmmm salty

    mmmmm yep. – Evyl

  3. This was hilarious! At least until I read Oz’ comment…… visuals are one thing, tastes add a whole new layer…. well, won’t be able to eat french fries like I used to anymore 😉

    At least they can keep their condiment costs down. – Evyl

  4. always knew there was a reason i didn’t like fast food…..
    Ozy you’re a sick individual! Having said that I’ll admit I did laugh!

    Me too. – Evyl

  5. Wow, even insects are perverts. Who knew? 😉

    Female insects. – Evyl

  6. how many dicks does that sucker have?

    Would they use them all at once for a quick big bang or one at a time to savor the moments? – Evyl

  7. M: they are LEGS!
    E: Ewwww!!!!

    Heheheh. – Evyl

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