A Day In The Life

One job duty that I do not relish is informing an inmate that a family member has passed away. When a family member calls and informs the facility to pass on the information to the inmate, it is my job to verify the information, and if it is correct, to inform the inmate.

 Today, I received just such a notice. I verified through the funeral home that an inmate’s grandfather had just passed on. Now it may seem that I am a hard hearted son of a bitch and to a great extent that might be a fair assessment but when I have inform someone of this sad news, I take it as a special duty to be as decent and concerned as the occasion demands.

I radio the dorm where the inmate is housed and call him to my office. Waiting outside my door, I see the inmate enter the building and can see that the inmate is a white supremacist skinhead. This does not phase me in the least. Even skinheads deserve to be treated with dignity and respect or at the very least his family member that has passed needs to be shown dignity and respect. I call the inmate into my office and see the swastika tats on his arms and neck, the white power tat, and the Nazi Eagle across his neck and proceed to inform him of his grandparents passing. While looking him straight in the eye and telling him of my regret over the sad news, I couldn’t help but notice that he has shaved his eyebrows and is proudly displaying ‘white’ on the space where his left eyebrow should be and ‘trash’ over his missing right eyebrow.

I never batted an eye but continued to be as dignified and compassionate as I could be. After making sure that he had a way to call his family, he stood up and thanked me, and went back to his housing.

What’s the moral to this story? It’s tough to say. Perhaps it is that even skinhead convicts need to be shown respect and dignity in times of human suffering, perhaps it is that even I can come up with a post filled with compassion, or perhaps it is that if you have swastikas, Nazi emblems, and white power tattooed over your body, it is fucking overkill to shave your fucking eyebrows and tattoo white trash on your noggin. If anyone in the entire free world can’t tell that you are tattooed white trash from a mile away they are a complete dumb-ass that couldn’t read white trash tattooed on your ugly assed mug anyway.

9 Responses to “A Day In The Life”

  1. Firstly, I’m not at all surpised that you have a compassionate side.
    The other side of me says I’m not convinced I could have been as nice about as you were. But then, it’s repsect for the really, isn’t it?
    One question though….how did he take the news? Or do people such as these not show emotion over these happenings? I have NFI, which is why I ask…

    He took it well but he showed the amount of emotion expected of a guy. – Evyl

  2. A post that speaks louder of who you are than the subject in the post. And that’s exactly what one should be walking away with. Chapeau.

    Thanks. – Evyl

  3. I aways knew you were a big ‘ol softy. Don’t worry, I won’t tell AJ

    She knows that I am never too soft. – Evyl

  4. joebecca Says:

    hey there!! i have moved! new addy is http://www.wordpress.joebecca.com. i kept it simple for everyone so they would know who i was right away! as for your skin head, well, i agree, people are people and when dealing in matters such as these, one person deserves as much respect as the next. The eyebrow thing though? Weird!! yuck!

    Glad to find ya. And the eyebrow thing. You are right. – Evyl

  5. queenbitch Says:

    Thats sad. But also funny. man that’d hurt to have your eyebrows tattoo’d. Each to their own i guess.

    It’s almost sticking needles in your eye. – Evyl

  6. Overkill? Never! White trash .. I have that across my forehead AND my ass.

    And we all know you’re a softie .. well, not in all aspects.

    Better believe it. – Evyl

  7. Even killers have moms. Good job with a crappy detail…….

    Thanks. – Evyl

  8. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    I don’t think it’s a sign of being a Softie so much as being a professional and a gentleman. IT wasn’t your role in that situation to judge the tattooed bereaved. He’d already been judged, and found guilty, or he wouldn’t be there.

    I applaud you, both for the way you handled the situation and for a post that reminds me that as unpleasant as my collections-agent job may seem, it always affords me the comfort of giving out bad news by phone rather than face to face.

    Thanks my man. Just try not to call during dinner. – Evyl

  9. I’m with Ozy. You old softie.
    Though it’s a nice side of you, Evyl.
    After all, you are human, aren’t you? :mrgreen:

    Barely. – Evyl

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