Fuck You Haiku: Sixty-Two


Cry Baby

Whine, Piss, and Moan

Like a little Punk Ass Bitch

Suck it up Pussy.

Feel free to insert your own dedication.



7 Responses to “Fuck You Haiku: Sixty-Two”

  1. Oh, I had it dedicated to several folks before I was finished reading.
    Thank you Mr. Evyl. No one, and I mean no one, writes a Haiku like you.

    Like you had to far to many folks to dedicate it to one individual. Thanks for the mad props my man. – Evyl

  2. I’d rather suck it than suck it up.

    Ohhh, I do love you so!!! – Evyl

  3. “eat shit and die” comes to mind . . .

    Needs one more syllable though. Add fuck somewhere and you have a winner. – Evyl

  4. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    I think I’ll print this one up and dedicate it to myself, as a reminder that complaining gets you nowhere, but nefarious schemes and maniacal laughter are practically halfway to a solution.

    Maniacal laughter always works for me. – Evyl

  5. Whine, piss AND moan? Hell of a multi tasker 😉 Dedicated to those silent poets who complain about their life daily? 😉 Your haiku are unsurpassed, Evyl. XOXO

    Unsurpassing evyl is always my objective. Thanks darlin’. And I would never gripe about poets. I save that for those that truly deserve it. Like local fuckbuddy finders. Stay tuned tomorrow for more on that. – Evyl

  6. That has left me with a little lump in my throat.

    Sheer genius.

    But isn’t it nice to have a little lump in your throat. As long as it’s not to big to swallow. – Evyl

  7. last line considered at the market today when I kicked someone out of the express lane:

    “Ten items or less!”

    or this line to my ex:

    “The judge made you pay!”

    LOL Thanks for the opportunity to dedicate it to those who deserve it!
    You da best!

    Thanks darlin’. I do try. – Evyl

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