My First American Idol Post of 08

I love American Idol. Not to watch good singers or future pop stars but to make fun of a bunch of karaoke hacks. This year is full of them. How ‘Vote for the Worst’ can pick just one is beyond me. But there is one dude with some skills. Anyone who can take a song made famous by a one gloved child molester and make it sound good should stay off the worst list for awhile.

4 Responses to “My First American Idol Post of 08”

  1. no

    Don’t be a hater. Buhahahah. – Evyl

  2. I have to agree with you buddy, that was frickin brilliant. I may have to watch it now, though. Damn you! 😆

    Check out his cover of Eleanor Rigby on Youtube. He freakin’ rocks. – Evyl

  3. Cook is Ok with me, too.
    And I’m a musician. (not that that means much these days)

    Glad that it’s not just me. – Evyl

  4. Water Logged Canine Says:

    He stole the idea from a real musician. Check out the original cover (oxymoron) by Chris Cornell. I think you’ll be much more satisfied knowing that you didn’t give in to the Idol Machine just because some song stuck in your head and refused to get out. I still have Kelly Clarkson night terrors.

    I recently heard an interview with Chris Cornell. In it he talked of phoning Cook and congratulating him on a job well done. Yes I have heard the Cornell version and I still think Cook did a great job. My main pleasure in viewing Idol is making fun of the no-talent bums but it is nice that a good singer does slip in every once in a while. And as for Clarkson, I have no idea on helping you get over those terrors. She is the female anti-christ. – Evyl

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