One Thing That I Would Never Do


I would never buy an inflatable sex doll from Acme Porn. Acme’s shit never worked for the Coyote. It would be my luck that the minute I blew my load that the doll would blow up and make my nuts blue. One blue right and one blue left.

10 Responses to “One Thing That I Would Never Do”

  1. hehhe .. hell of a mental pic.

    That’s my specialty. – Evyl

  2. I’m with ya buddy. That damned ACME catapult I purchase nearly killed me

    Damned toonshit. – Evyl

  3. only you! 😆

    Gotta luv it. – Evyl

  4. meep, meep

    Yeppers. – Evyl

  5. lmfao. I’m going to google that. Surely it’s happened. Thank god not to you, Evyl 😉

    Thanks I am glad myself. – Evyl

  6. Sounds like a waste of good nuts to me….you’ve chosen wisely…

    I do try to do the right thing. Just not hard enough most of the time. – Evyl

  7. There’s always saran wrap – but then that could cause a problem of another color. 😉

    Saran wrap ahhh I remember it well. – Evyl

  8. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    the great thing about acme’s destructive products is, even if they burn you to a black, smoldering crisp, you can shake it off in a few minutes and go right back to whatever it is you’re doing.

    of course, with all the money Wile E. Coyote’s spent on acme gadgets over the years, you’d think he’d just fund some restaurant that serves ostrich-steaks and chow down at his convenience, but cartoons are forbidden from making sense.

    I always liked the midair hesitation right before plummeting to the bottom of the canyon. It cracks me up everytime. – Evyl

  9. An ex flatmate of mine once purchased a mains powered vibrator from “Bastards Incorporated” a small outfit owned by ACME. While reaching her own personal nirvana, the plastic fantastic sends a jolt of electricity fair up her cooter, and short circuits half the house.

    She came out as a lesbian soon after. There you go.

    Lesbian electro-shock therepy. It will be offered in local shopping malls soon. Right in between Hot Topic and and The Gap. And the plastic fantastic is so catchy a name. – Evyl

  10. LMFAO @ Anja…this is a match made in heaven i have to say!

    She is one hell of a snappy commenter but I do wonder how far is a fair way up a cooter. I suppose it is subjective. One person’s fair way up might be anothers little way in and anothers wtf quit pokin’ my liver. – Evyl

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