Proof That Satan Is Alive

This video is definitive proof that Satan is alive and well; living in the guise of a pre-pubescent skank in the making and assaulting auditory nerve endings through sappy ’70’s pop songs. As if the original Debbie Boone version wasn’t enough to make me want to rupture my fucking eardrums with a icepick, I had to come across this mind-numbing version. Damn my luck.

5 Responses to “Proof That Satan Is Alive”

  1. And then the chubby little cherub runs off backstage and says,

    “Daddy, did I done real good?”

    And daddy says,

    “Sure did, darlin’ Now come sit on daddy’s lap for a special hug”

    *shudders* There’s something seriously dodgy about pre-furmounds singing “you light up my life”

    Shit, it should be against the Geneva Convention for ANYONE singing it in public.

    Pre-furmounds is one hell of a great term. It has now entered my lexicon. Thanks. – Evyl

  2. “It can’t be wrong . . . “
    Oh, yes it can, little-evil-psycho-demon-girl with a natsy voice .
    It would be wonderful if her little head exploded at the high point (low point) of the tune. Brains everywhere (and the splatter pattern is Debbie Boone’s face) Yeah, I’m channeling Kubrick. Scary.
    What a piece of shit song.
    Whoops, here come the nightmares . . .

    If one was to come up with a bottom ten tunes of all time. This shithole of a song would rank towards the very bottom. – Evyl

  3. I just typed a long explenation as to my tortured youth due to this song by fucking wordpress ate it.
    Suffice to say its the worst song EVER.
    and yet I know every fucking word and now its stuck in my head
    I will have my revenge, Mr Evyl. I will have my revenge.

    Now you know why they call me Evyl. – Evyl

  4. Thanks SOOO much, Evyl. I too, like Ozy said above, have that damn song stuck in my head.
    My head may explode!- Trisha

    You are so very welcome. – Evyl

  5. Pathetic – just pathetic.

    That’s one way to say it. – Evyl

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