A New Leaf

Today I turn over a new leaf. A deep sense of calm and tranquility washes over each and every care and worry. From now on there will be no dirty haikus. There will be no sick gif images. There will be no writings issued from my keyboard that degrades, condemns, or is filled with filth and random cursings. From henceforth, I will only post items of spirituality, peace, love, and happiness.

As today is my usual day to post one of my hate-filled disgusting haiku’s, I will now turn my meager talents to a haiku that attempts to fill each and every soul with a blessed joy.


My joy knows no bounds

All is bliss and perfection

Peace and love abound.

Have a nice day and God bless us, every one.

18 Responses to “A New Leaf”

  1. April Fools fuckers!!!

  2. was waiting for that one….thank fuck it was there…
    green is NOT your colour nor is the diabtes inducing haiku…i would have almost topped myself if it was anything other than april fools!

    I don’t know if it would induce a diabetic seizure but it was awfully damned sappy. This green is hurting my eyeballs. It will be a trial to leave it up all day. You are going to have to explain ‘top myself’. My mind imagines all kinds of things. – Evyl

  3. Anonypop Says:

    thank god it’s aprial fools day you almost got me then i remembered you are 15 hours behind us

    The fifteen hour thing gets me. When I was a kid, I wondered if y’all knew shit before it even happened over here. – Evyl

  4. Thank God.
    Even I (who loves ‘converters’) was horrified.
    You almost had me.
    Actually, you did.
    Thank God I’m ‘naive’.

    I’m glad that I got somebody. Thanks, You have made my day. BTW, How bout that video? I couldn’t think of anything better than the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to set this thing off. – Evyl

  5. I think I threw up a little in my mouth. Thanks for that! 😛

    You are more than welcome, darlin’. – Evyl

  6. Nice. I just blogrolled you and when I read this I was going to yank you immediately. Peace, love and happiness, my ass. The green makes me want to puke.

    It is a nauseating shade is it not. BTW, I will return the roll. One good roll deserves another. – Evyl

  7. So should I call you Softie instead of Evyl now? 😦

    Good one.

    Don’t ever worry about me goin’ soft on ya, darlin’. – Evyl

  8. Wow was wondering if it was just a really bad dream…or some of the meds I take….

    Maybe I need some of those meds. – Evyl

  9. top myself = kill myself
    sorry darlin’, nothing to do with having my boobs enlargened…

    How’d you guess that’s what I was thinking? – Evyl

  10. Fuck me dead and call me Alice. We’ve already had that day here, so I was wondering if you had been bumfucked by Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaysus and found religion or some such shit.

    Phew, ’tis only April Fool’s Day.

    Hey Alice, Hope you had a great April Fool’s. And nope I didn’t know that religion was lost but then again, I haven’t been looking for it. – Evyl

  11. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    Saw that coming. barbed wit is never renounced. it may be temporarily muzzled for safety reasons, courteously restrained when you don’t want to share the joke with anyone else, or, in rare instances, forcibly removed (though such displays of force often just bring out bigger, nastier, barbs), but voluntarily abandoned? never happens.

    I find it extremely difficult to even courteously restrain myself. It gives me gas. – Evyl

  12. For a moment I thought I had somehow taken a wrong turn into that universe where Mr. Spock has a beard and Eric Cartman is the nice one. Glad to see that all is right with the world after all. I don’t think I could live in a universe where Murphy has hair. 😈


    True soo true. – Evyl

  13. Knew it….could see you cracking a smile way over there….

    Did it really show? BTW, what happened to your avatar? I miss it. – Evyl

  14. New leaf, my ass.
    You didn’t fool me. :mrgreen:
    Post a video like that again and I’m coming to find you . . .

    I take it that you prefer the Julie Andrews version. Try to expand your horizons. – Evyl

  15. Sheesh… and just when I thought I knew you…BAM! You throw me this? So glad to see it’s NOT TRUE!!!!

    Gotta keep ya guessin’. – Evyl

  16. what a cruel joke

    Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. – Evyl

  17. I knew better.
    Can you ask Big D what`s up with my template ?

    Long time no see. How’s it going, Phucker? About Big D, His server is down. You might want to contact him and see about getting the template back up. – Evyl

  18. I love you man………..*sniff*

    I’m not gay or anything. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.) But I love you too man. – Evyl

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