Jumping On A Bandwagon

One of the Top WordPress blogs is ‘Stuff White People Like’ and now one of the fastest growing WordPress blogs is ‘Stuff Drunk People Like’. Today I bring you…

Stuff Prison Bitches Like

Stuff Chubby Chasers Like

Stuff Old Pervs Like

Stuff Nerds Like

Stuff ButtPirates Like

Stuff Strippers Like

Stuff Crossdressers Like

Click on it for the link.

Stuff Potheads Like

Stuff Women In Prison Like Served For Dinner

That should be enough for now. There is unlimited potential for this stuff different people like. The skies the limit as they say and remember if ya can’t beat ’em, then get a bigger stick.

9 Responses to “Jumping On A Bandwagon”

  1. If the fat chick does that too much she won’t be a fat chick anymore. The chubby chaser will have to find a new chubby….assuming he lives through that pounding.

    Ya gotta give the ol’ gal an A for effort. – Evyl

  2. yeah….that fat chick scares me….what if she has a heart attack whilst bouncing up and down like that?

    She’ll smother the poor bastard…..

    For a chubby chaser that would be the best way to go. – Evyl

  3. “Buttpirates” LOL!!
    I notice there’s a strong boobs and food theme here. ~grin~

    Funny how that worked out. – Evyl

  4. It hides the weinie…
    Now where was this in my young days as a cabaret dancer
    Gee, now I’m an old perv and a nerd
    crossing boundries aren’t I, and building bridges

    I know how you feel. The toys are so much better than when I was a kid. – Evyl

  5. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    I think the strippers and potheads are on to something. Money is always useful, and cookies are delicious. Tits… meh. the internet’s full of ’em, but there is no way to download a delicious cookie.

    Yep, delicious ones are hard to download, but spyware can download some nasty ones. – Evyl

  6. Well, thank you for that public service. I never would have known any of this without you. You’re a peach. 🙂

    Are you really trying to convince me that you didn’t know about the cookies? 😉 – Evyl

  7. i like cookies. yummy. but i don’t do drugs, is that a problem? 🙂

    I like cookies as well. I’m just not into grape jelly. – Evyl

  8. I’m definately a nerd then because holy tit!

    That’s what I’m sayin’. – Evyl

  9. the “chubby” gif gave me anything but . . .
    Man, that’s just wrong :mrgreen:

    If sick gifs are wrong. Then I don’t want to be right. Damn, I luv that shit. – Evyl

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