Fuck You Haiku: Sixty-Four

A Gift For The Holier Than Thou

It’s just what you need

Fill yourself with the spirit

Jesus up your ass.

I must give a big thanks to one of the newest bloggers on my blogroll for her great inspiration in this post. So thanks, Lakota for this post. You are truly an inspiration. I appreciate it.

10 Responses to “Fuck You Haiku: Sixty-Four”

  1. Ohhh…sweetbabyjesus. That is just wrong. Wrong I say. Ummm…but I dare say it looks more like Casper the Friendly Frickin’ Ghost. I’m all for a Casper butt plug. BOO!

    The Casper the Freindly Ghost marketing people should really get on this one. It could be the shit!!! – Evyl

  2. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    I take it this is a complimentary product to the Jackhammer Jesus? http://divine-interventions.com/jackhammer.html

    Buy both and be filled with twice the spirit!

    well I’ll be chiggered… they ARE sold by the same company! might as well throw in a Virgin Mary dildo for a Christmas Special combo!

    Wow, I checked out that link. Crazy Shit dude. But what I am wondering is, shouldn’t the Buddha’s Delight be a little fatter? It seems awfully skinny for a buddha. And the Moses Dildo parting the pink sea. Now that’s funny. Thanks for the link. – Evyl

  3. he looks like he has wind..mind you if i was made for being shoved up someone’s butt, my face would probably look like that too

    True, so true. – Evyl

  4. and he is smiling

    Like a Cheshire Cat. – Evyl

  5. jezabellesblog Says:

    In this world I am sure the maker is gonna get sued for immaculate conception.

    If someone conceives through a buttplug then he has truly returned. – Evyl

  6. I just showed my flatmate and he told me im one sick bitch.

    Awww, he likes you he really likes you. – Evyl

  7. We’re all going to hell and you’re driving, buddy. 😉
    What the hell will they think of next?

    I likes to drive. And I have no idea what could top this. But I anxiously await. – Evyl

  8. WEll, that’s one way to get religion. 😉

    Sometimes you have to get it anyway that you can. – Evyl

  9. ~hanging my head in shame~
    i never did come up with a worthy comment.
    Baby Jebus does look freakishly like Casper though. Have you seen the Jesus Action figure yet? Iz muy hilarious. He has a sword of righteousness, i think. And a little hole in his side where you can insert it.

    I have seen the line of Religous action figures. The one with Daniel and the lions would be great fun to play with. I’m still waiting on the John the Baptist and Salome set. But I’m not going to lose my head over it. – Evyl

    BTW, all your comments are worthy.

  10. I’d like to meet a person alive who would say no to that sweet-baby-butt-plug-face 😉

    It’s a cutie. – Evyl

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