Cocksucking Thieves

Today gas went up ten damned cents. It isn’t just the fact that ten cents is one hell of a price hike, it’s the fact that this is the same motherfucking gas that was in their damned underground tanks yesterday. There was no new delivery of gas. It was the same shit at a higher price. What frosts my cookies is that when the price of gas goes down the douche-nozzles wait until a fresh batch of gas is delivered until they bring the price down, but when they have a chance to bend you the fuck over and ram it up your ass they damn sure will do it.

But on the bright side, at the convenience store where I get gas, the 32 oz. Coke and 2 Burritos combo now comes with a free Snickers bar. Thanks ever so much assbags.

11 Responses to “Cocksucking Thieves”

  1. Mmmmmm . . . free snickers bar . . .

    Yeah I suppose One shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth but damnit this shit chaps my ass. – Evyl

  2. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    and, of course, none of that extra dime a gallon goes into the employee’s pockets.

    I’d suspect it was going into Snickers bars, but those are probably old candy that have been sitting in some storage room since back when gas was less then 2.50 a gallon.

    Damn right, those fucking Snickers bars are some old crusty, melted up shit. The fucktards.

    And you can’t blame the convenience store clerks, they are paid peanuts and have to take the abuse of angry customers. I don’t spew shit at them. They are only doing their fucking jobs for damn near nothing while some big shit fatass in the corporate office of a big oil company are getting rich banging some intern. – Evyl

  3. And thank your lucky stars you don’t live in Australia. There’s like 4 litres in your gallon (rough estimation) and we are paying $1.50 a litre and the price ALWAYS goes up before weekends and holidays.

    Yeah, they are equal opportunity theives but it sounds like you have it worse. Damn do they suck. – Evyl

  4. what really sucks is what can you do except bend over and take it? i’ve tried to come up with a way to boycott/protest but the laugh is on me. Need that shit to work. Need work to survive. Oh and celery is almost $4 a bag here. How fucking nuts is that? I need to aquire a taste for old snickers apparently. ~meh~

    Old Snickers with the whitening crust is a hard dose to take. Nearly as hard as the gutbomb burrito’s. – Evyl

  5. As long as we keep paying, they’ll keep screwing us. And of course, we have to pay. Ugh. What’s killing me is MILK. Its almost $6 a gallon here for the name brand. I’m starting to think I’m going to have to actually buy a cow, cause I sure as hell ain’t getting the milk for free.

    Ain’t that the damn truth. Good thing I drink mostly coffee and tequila. – Evyl

  6. Like Anja (cool name btw) said its fucken expencive!! I live in new zealand and its $1.82 for a litre AND its $3.40 for 2 litres of milk AND its $14.98 for 1kg of cheese. i dont know what 1kg is for you, i can tell you i refuse to pay double to price for the same fucken cheese! it used to be like 6 bucks 7 at the most but no now its fucken not. I dont buy cheese any more.

    Do you wonder, these big fuckwits in charge of price hikes do they get discount? coz they drive so surely they’d get discount or something maybe write it off as a company expence? hmmm..
    fucken cock suckers.

    Milk is fuckin’ outragous here as well. And now I hear the cost of rice has doubled. But at least I still have my home grown tomatoes in the summer. – Evyl

  7. sucks is fucking right! i often see it go up a cent or 2 but never 10 in one go! fuck me! if they’d had a delivery one could ALMOST live with it, but the pricks have paid the old price for what’s in the ground…blatant fucking profteering at the expense of those who are the average working person…cock suckers? nah! ankles…2 foot lower than a cunt!
    see?? pissed off enough to use that word i detest!
    *hanging my head*

    You have inspired me to write a Country and Western song. With a title like, ‘Two Foot Lower Than A Cunt’, how could I not pen a hit. Perhaps I can come up with one by Monday. Thanks, darlin’. – Evyl

  8. Once again, we take it up the proverbial poopshoot.
    These bastards suck scaley camel cock.
    As well they should . . .
    Somebody is getting filthy fucking rich and they need 9 grams of lead in the cervical spine.

    Hells fuckin’ yeah. – Evyl

  9. That coke, 2 burritos, and snickers will make you ass bigger, which will make your car weigh more, which in turn will make you burn and buy more gas. Sneaky fuckers are getting us at every end.

    Comin’ and goin’. The bastards. – Evyl

  10. Are they tomatoes or like “tomatoes” that would fetch a better price if you sold a “bag” of “tomatoes”??

    I only grow tomatoes for my personal consumption. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. – Evyl

  11. Hey, there’s a lot to be said for a free snickers bar and you can maybe make your own gas from it.

    On the darker side, however, I agree. Gas is out of control – which is why I just don’t drive anymore if I don’t have to. I may even get a gerbil-powered hybrid just to piss them off. 😉

    Ya know I have noticed that you are very big on gerbils. Whassup with that? Nothing nefarious is it?- Evyl

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