Crazy Or Fucked Over

Is it a glimpse into insanity or is it a warning in the wrongs against women in the internet age? That is what I wondered on April 29, 2006. I am still wondering. Click here to see what the hell I am talking about.

3 Responses to “Crazy Or Fucked Over”

  1. Holy crap, poor girl. She is obviously warped…but you also have to wonder what he’s saying on the other end to keep her coming back for more. Fucking interwebs.

    Oh what tangled webs we weave. But it’s amusing to stand by and watch. Kinda like a train wreck. – Evyl

  2. And for once, I won’t be acidic. Well, I will… but not towards the girl in question.

    She’s fucked in the head, right enough; but this bastard is playing on her low self-esteem and drawing her in with promises of love. What if she would have offed herself? Would he care? No, this poor bitch was just amusement for him when he couldn’t get his tiny prick to perform to stick it into his fat and ugly wife.

    Sure, she’s all kinds of pathetic; but it doesn’t stop me wanting to cut his nuts off and force feeding them up his nostrils.

    I’m not a p-doc but I believe the clinical term for her ailment is ‘Crazier Than A Shithouse Rat’ and yeah he is bound to be a grade A chickenshit. It is a match made in Hell. – Evyl

  3. Sounds like he saw an easy target and took her for a ride.

    Reminded me of someone actaully

    Some make themselves an easy target. I try dodging and weaving as much as possible. – Evyl

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