Fuck Spam

Due to the subject matter that I delve into I get a high number of spam comments. Although Akismit catches 98 percent of them or better, still quite a few get by.

On November 27, 2007, I posted one of my favorite rants. It’s not often that one can use the term, ‘cumming on your own gut.’ Click here for the rant or Click here for a spam induced vision.  

4 Responses to “Fuck Spam”

  1. Funny. does Cum On Her Tits still message you?
    I never check my spam comments I just delete. Turns out im missing out on some fun.

    Sadly Cum On Her Tits hasn’t been by in awhile but today one of those spambots that steal content and label it as coming from another user identified one of my posts as coming from Boobs With Chainsaws. Now I am thinking of starting up a Neo-Punk Band named Boobs with Chainsaws. – Evyl

  2. he he
    he said douch nozzle

    It’s one of my favorite phrases. – Evyl

  3. Hell, I’d take cum on my tits any old day rather than the stupid ass teenange-mutant-acne-geezer-viagra-suck-away-fat shit that spambots send my way!

    I do suppose it could be worse. – Evyl

  4. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    i rarely check my askimet spam. my sci-fi gibberish usually attracts the spambots that spout actual gibberish like “nlpfsiwug oane garliyd ebtjpkmoc urjob iptorqkf ytwepbksg” which is about as pathetic as it gets, spam-wise, as I can’t even tell what it is they’re supposedly advertising.

    That sucks. At least mine give me some good post titles. – Evyl

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