It Just Ain’t Right

Sometimes I really have to wonder about the people that give out medical and anatomical names. Like this.

Why the powers that be think that a small opening in my digestive system should share the name of Garfield the Cat’s pooch pal’s asshole, is beyond me.

6 Responses to “It Just Ain’t Right”

  1. Hey you changed your thingee ma jig!! I thought I was on Talea’s blog. oopsies..

    Maybe you should get some body part thing named after you?

    Oh Yeah. I have just the body part in mind. – Evyl

  2. another new theme? good heavens you’re getting worse than ~m and me and that’s saying something
    the evyl invader sounds good to me, what do you think?

    I’ve used a lot of them. I actually used this one before with a different header. But to tell the truth this baby blue is already making my eyes hurt. But the Evyl Invader sounds great. – Evyl

  3. I am with you. But I guess it is what we should expect from people who study and play with sphincters all day long.

    In a way, I know exactly how they feel. I had a post idea and went to find the perfect pic. I typed in the search term in a Google image search and an hour later I came back to reality. You can only imagine the things I saw by googling ‘animated old saggy boobs.’ I may never be the same again. – Evyl

  4. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    I hear that the Islets of Langerhans are famous for their sweetbreads, heh.

    imagine poor Rggero Oddi, a lone italian exploring the dark passageways of the digestive system like a well-lubed Christopher Columbus, and his name lives on not as the the discoverer of the hepatopancreatic sphincter but as a stupid dog that gets kicked around by a morbidly obese cat.

    I think, were i to have a body part named after me, it would be the caffeine receptors in the brain. but I’m more of a phrenologist than a biochemist, so it would have to b e a specific bump on the brain that is particularly sensitive to caffeine, the Zone of Zombie Holocaust.

    Now there are some islets that I wouldn’t like to be stranded on. – Evyl

  5. hmmm…which came first, the sphincter or the dawg?

    if it’s any consolation, ODDI is also the name of a harley shop in connecticut.


    Thats one of lifes perpetual questions. – Evyl

  6. Sound mythalogical…
    “and Thor passed thru the Sphincter of Oddi, there to fight the horrible beast of Poopenbile, his heroics to be ever recorded in history.

    It does have the Valhalla ring to it. – Evyl

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