Still More Fun With Gifs: Fuck It I’m Busy

I haven’t got the time for a fuckin’ post. I only wish that the above gif explained my busy couple of days but fuck no. Busy times at work. I put in 15 hours today and tomorrow looks like about the same. Amazing how Hitler’s birthday sets off the Aryan fucktards. I will get around to visiting everyone after my chemical agent induced blood shot eyes allow me to look at a computer screen long enough for anything other than writing endless streams of reports.

10 Responses to “Still More Fun With Gifs: Fuck It I’m Busy”

  1. Babe, ’tis time to mellow out.

    Put in some serious lovin’ time on the little woman, drink ye some ass kickin’ alcohol (not necessarily in that order) and entertain your eager minions when you’re ready.

    We love you! We will be here waiting. Take your time.

    Thanks darlin’. I appreciate your patience. – Evyl

  2. It amazes me that I can laugh this hard at this time of the morning.
    Yeah, what’s up with Hitler’s birthday?
    Every stinking year . . .

    They’re fucktards what can you say? – Evyl

  3. I didnt even know it was hitlers birthday.
    Dont work too hard, rest lots and get some lovin’ from the missus.

    Love ya Evyl. Shall wait long time for you.

    You’re too sweet darlin’. – Evyl

  4. Aww, MrEvyl. You tired .. you work hard .. poor boy.
    Get your ass back here and write us a motherfucking post!
    You know I kid.
    Get some rest you sexy bitch.

    You sweet talker, you. – Evyl

  5. Awwww…take a break, put your feet up, have some sexy sex….everything will be fine. But get back here, STAT!

    I’m Back. – Evyl

  6. Get some rest and get laid. Take your time. We ain’t going nowhere.

    Thanks darlin’. – Evyl

  7. Hitler was born??? Well fuck me, I thought the prick was hatched! The things you learn!
    Take your time. We’ll wait as long as it takes. We sat through your hiatus, I’m sure we can wait a little more.
    I must add, you did know it’s against the rules to have a life right? If you manage to find one, let us in on the secret ok?

    My grandbaby arrived last night. So all is well. – Evyl

  8. i never thought about that particular fallout from that day.
    I know some bloggers went a little bouncy over it… was kinda of weird to watch.
    Hugz and smoochez to you baby. May the madness end soon for you.

    It’s all good now. I am just left with the mound of paperwork to sort through. – Evyl

  9. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    people celebrate Hitler’s birthday? Well, they are, as you mention, fucktards, so that would explain it right there. It makes me want to come up with a counter-holiday that would annoy Nazis. hmm.. Hannukah’s been done… Sir Mix-a-Lot’s birthday. He likes big butts and he cannot lie. Therefore, he should be our President.

    I’d vote for him over the top contenders anyday. – Evyl

  10. Poor boy, don’t work too hard. What’s that in your eye? Or shouldn’t I ask? 😉

    OC. The good shit. – Evyl

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