I Wonder

I wonder if anyone has ever gone and bought a box of Trojan Magnum XL condoms just to impress a hot checkout girl?

12 Responses to “I Wonder”

  1. Usually stunts like this serve to repel women more than attract them. Women just don’t like braggers. Know what I mean?

    Not really. I’ve always let actions speak louder than words. The most useless motherfucker in the world is a guy with a ten inch tongue and a two inch dick that doesn’t want to do anything but fuck. – Evyl

  2. Dam!!! I have a pain in my crotch just thinkin about that one 😮

    Ya know they have cures for that kinda thing. 😉 – Evyl

  3. Probably most of them! They piss me up the wall…mostly they’re all talk and no action.
    As for the guy who with the long tongue and little dick? When did you meet my ex???

    Hells yeah. Just another example of why I luv darlin! – Evyl

  4. If I was the checkout chick, I would say to the guy “Sir, you have the wrong size condoms. I will get an assistant to find the right ones for you” She then gets on the PA system and says “Can I have an exchange on checkout 2? Would someone take the extra large condoms back and bring the training wheel rubbers?”

    That’s a hell of a good idea. They have the size specialists in Department Stores to pick the right size bra why not something for condoms. Maybe a box. A dude could just stick his dick in a box and wham bam thank you ma’am, it figures your size. Although they would either need disposable boxes, some sort of box cleaning douche, or someone that doesn’t mind sticking their cock in used unclean boxes. – Evyl

  5. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    i like the idea of a condom-size-detector box. what they could do is use a disposable lining for the interior or the box, so you get your size and your little plastic souvenir from your trip to the penis-measuring machine.

    actually, i think the device already exists,http://www.sizeofaman.com/

    plastic tube with inch and metric measurements marked along the sides. all you need is a plastic sleeve to fit over and into it to stay sanitary (sandwich bags, aisle three), and there ya go.

    I always think of this shit too fucking late. But their’s doesn’t measure girth and that is an important feature. I need to come up with an improvement on the fuckers device and charge them large for it. – Evyl

  6. they just never have my size . . . :mrgreen:

    I just never have any use for them anymore. – Evyl

  7. I used to work at a supermarket. It just embarrased me when guys brought condoms. I had this old guy come in once a week he’d buy a sally lun (like a bun with saltana’s and white plus rasberry icing on top) and KY jelly. thats all. every week. it was awkward when chicks brought pregnancy tests.. do you say goodluck? or do you just smile and say nothing?

    At least he wasn’t buying both KY and something for anal itching. Now that would have been awkward. – Evyl

  8. Also, big dicks arent that much fun. length wise.

    I’ll have to take your word for it. – Evyl

  9. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    yeah they do. Measuring tape, the flexible kind used in good clothing stores to help you find the right size suit. wrap once, there ya go.

    and if you want to measure overall cubic inches, to more accurately express your filling capacity, whatcha do is you get yourself a clone-a-willy kit and a measuring cup of sufficient size. drop your willy-clone in, and every milliliter the water goes up represents a cubic centimeter of manmeat. I realize that “cubic centimeter” doesn’t sound all that impressive, but consider this: a 20 oz. soda contains 591.47 cubic centimeters of soda (since one US fluid ounce is 29.5735 cubic centimeters), and a measurement of overall volume gets your girth and length covered in a single number and is handy when deciding which size of condom would be appropriate.

    it also preserves a certain element of suprise, as it doesn’t reveal the ratio of length to girth, so you can brag about your cubic centimeters and still leave the ladies wanting to know more.

    and i did indeed have to fish out my conversion charts to do that math. The scary thing is I keep them on my nightstand.

    Yeah, that is scary. – Evyl

  10. you know the people who say size doesn’t matter? they are liars.

    Thanks for the confirmation. – Evyl

  11. I dont think that supermarket sold stuff for anal itching but yes it would have been awkward.

    But cool. – Evyl

  12. Yeah, and it worked 🙂

    😉 Luv ya darlin’. – Evyl

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