Another Day At The Office: The Follow Up

Today, a grievance was filed against me by a 19 year old Oriental inmate. The grievance stated that the inmate was in fear of his life from me. He stated that while escorting him to the law library, I grabbed his buttocks and told him that I enjoyed man-boy love, and then grabbed his genitals and told him that if he told anyone that I would break his eggroll.

The grievance officer went to the inmate and had him explain the grievance. The inmate was shocked and said that he didn’t write it. He proceeded to give a demonstration of his handwriting and then told the grievance officer that the fat funny-looking white dude across the hall wrote it.

The fat funny-looking white dude was the same individual that I had found guilty and gave 30 days in the hole. He had chained out to another facility yesterday and wanted to give his parting shot. I wonder how he sleeps at night. Hopefully, in the warm embrace of some good man-boy love and the man to his boy has a thirteen inch dick.

5 Responses to “Another Day At The Office: The Follow Up”

  1. What have you done to this fuckwit??? Is he really delusional enough tot hink he’s gonna win?
    Not the sharpest tool in the shed huh?
    Fuck I hate idiots!

    He’s gone for now but I can’t wait to see him again. 😉 – Evyl

  2. He (the fuckwit aka fat funny looking white dude) should be so lucky. As if you would waste your time pinching his arse when there are so many arses much more worthy of pinching. Especially here 🙂

    War’s on baby – apparently you had way more comments than me at A-mum’s place last month. Can’t let that happen again 🙂

    I think he is just wanting some man love. – Evyl

  3. OMFG! Before I got to the part where the guy said he didn’t write it I was laughing my ass off. Because there is NO WAY IN HELL you would do that. I’d swear to it and I only know you through blogging.

    What a fucking dumbass that guy is. Like they would not ask the guy questions about his grievance and find out it wasn’t him. All that fucktard is doing is getting himself in more trouble.

    Maybe he has one of those sick, twisted crushes on you?

    Could be, I am one sexy motherfucker. – Evyl

  4. he’ll get his in the end…..

    And in the end the love you get will equal to the love you give. – Evyl

  5. He’ll get his in the end…

    I officially love Lakota. 🙂

    You and me both. – Evyl

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