Cat and Squirrel: Roadkill Blues

The cat just sat there in the road

Munchin’ on a flattened squirrel with a Cheshire’s grin as wide as a toad.

Gravel flew and tires squealled

And the cat was squashed under the wheel.

Irony or Destiny? I really couldn’t say.

But if I see a squirrel flattened on the road, I think that I shall let it lay.

4 Responses to “Cat and Squirrel: Roadkill Blues”

  1. I think that is a wise decision. Why mess with Destiny OR Irony? šŸ™‚

    That was a fun one to think about, Evyl!

    Thanks, darlin’!!! – Evyl

  2. Love it šŸ™‚ Pathos, a touch of humour, and a big dose of moral šŸ˜›

    That’s me a big dose of moral. – Evyl

  3. It brings a tear to the eye. *weeps*

    I can nearly smell the squished kitty.

    You might can by now. Damn cat, if you ask me it was kitty suicide. – Evyl

  4. Now some other critter can have the squirrel and an appetizer and the cat as the main course. What is gonna be dessert?

    When roadkill is on the menu, everything is a mystery. – Evyl

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