It’s Time To Celebrate

Once again May is here and it is time to celebrate. Since 1995, the good lesbian-friendly folks at The Good Vibrations Sex Toy Company have made the month of May; National Masturbation Month. So grab some lube, grab a toy, and celebrate good times.

9 Responses to “It’s Time To Celebrate”

  1. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    it may be confined to May on the calendar, but in the hearts and hands of the people, EVERY month is masturbation month.

    And God Bless us, Every One!!! – Evyl

  2. Ah-ha! You were holding out on me – why didn’t you give me the link to Good Vibrations instead? lol
    Thanks for the laugh though. 😉

    I am a terrible tease. Sorry ’bout that. – Evyl

  3. romi41 Says:

    Does that mean it’s tacky to play with yourself the other 11 months of the year? Would that be likened to having your Christmas lights up in July?….

    Much like the reformed Scrooge on Christmas. Let it be said that you keep the spirit alive throughout the year. I know that I will. – Evyl

  4. Does that mean you’re going to send all your readers a free toy? 😉

    Although I wish that I could do just that, I am afraid lack of funds would prevent me from doing it. How about a dick in a box? 😉 – Evyl

  5. hehehheehehehehe oh so many things to say…

    Luv ya darlin’. – Evyl

  6. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    I can already picture the tv commercials for making this a mainstream holiday.

    Phrases like “Give yourself the gift of joy this season,” “Do something nice for yourself,” and “free lubricant!” would abound.

    I’m with Romi and Evyl on keeping the spirit of this blessed occasion alive the whole year round.

    It truly is a celebration to last throughout the year. – Evyl

  7. Well .. I like celebrating masturbation techniques on a daily basis .. but perhaps for this month, I should double it?

    I doubt that I have enough time, energy, or lotion to double my efforts. – Evyl

  8. I believe we should all be in touch with our inner self. 🙂

    The Devinyl’s didn’t say it any better. – Evyl

  9. What? Only a month to celebrate? Every day is a hands-on day. And lube…who needs lube?

    I chafe very easily. – Evyl

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