Freak of The Week Contest: Week Two

Once again it is time to choose a new freak of the week. Will you have what it takes to win the coveted title? This week it is time for a contest of Samurai like proportions. I will give you a subject and it is your challenge if you should accept it to glorify it in haiku.

Now, for your Fuck You Haiku subject of the day: Under Breast Sweat.

Good luck to all and I have no doubt that y’all can dish out some awesome Fuck You Haiku’s. And to those not familiar with haiku. Click here for instructions in writing haiku.

20 Responses to “Freak of The Week Contest: Week Two”

  1. what a pain in ass
    droopy boobs equals
    sweat and nasty smegma

    Nice attempt, Imp, luv the term smegma. Remember the 5-7-5 ratio and you could come up a winner. – Evyl

  2. Ha! Boob sweat .. yumm .. almost as yummy as ball sweat.
    This should be a good one, Evyl.

    I am thinking that this will be a wonderful challenge. – Evyl

  3. And when is this one over?

    Monday Morning 6:00 CST. Good Luck!!! – Evyl

  4. Passion left its tears
    beneath heaving mamaries
    fermenting quiet

    How’s that?

    Wonderful!!! – Evyl

  5. tracks from tender tongues
    hidden in sensual folds
    give wings to the heart

    probably not raunchy enough, huh? 🙂

    I LOVE it!!! – Evyl

  6. oh noooooo….

    Alright so we have all weekend yes?

    Yes, indeed. Best of luck. I know you will come up with a great one. – Evyl

  7. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    Under-Breast Sweat?

    Salty reminder
    of a long and savored night.
    I’m licking there, too.

    Nice, dude. Real nice. – Evyl

  8. Yummy as ball funk
    Sweaty knockers hangin’ low
    Taste the saltiness.

    Lift ’em on up there
    Let me get a little taste
    Under tittie sweat.

    Glistening moisture
    As I lift them babies up
    Take a big ol’ whiffff.

    That last one has real potential. Good stuff, darlin’. – Evyl

  9. no fucking idea
    have never been able to do haiku
    wrong format, i know, but it works for me….

    Darlin’, you will always be my freak. 😉 – Evyl

  10. Growing older sucks
    Talcum powder is my friend
    Summer’s hell on tits

    Under tittie sweat
    Makes me grab them babies up
    That fan feels so good!

    Sex on a hot night
    Lie back and let the cool breeze
    Cool them ta-tas down

    Under my titties
    Sweat dripping down my torso
    Who needs AstroGlide?

    Wow, those are awesome!!! – Evyl

  11. The Freak Finding Panel of Judges have their work cut out for them already and two days remain. Great stuff everyone and thanks for all your great entries.

  12. a woman so large
    she has her own lubricant
    underneath her tits

    Excellent!!! – Evyl

  13. Fuck like animals
    Until the tit sweat glistens
    Lick it up baby

    I think that I have fallen head over heels in love. – Evyl

  14. joebecca Says:

    ok here’s mine

    Drops trickling down
    Get me some paper towel
    Good under-stuffin!

    That’s good real good. BTW, How long has it been since I told you that I love you? – Evyl

  15. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    and here’s another, from a different perspective…

    Hot sweaty man-boobs
    that nobody wants to see.
    Please wear a black shirt.

    and my last one….

    mmph hmmphmmnh phmmhnnh
    I can’t breathe, but I don’t want
    to come up for air.

    Luv the moobs angle. That has to count for some extra credit. – Evyl

  16. QueenBitch Says:

    Man from starbucks his
    Boobies dripping tasty sweat
    into my coffee


    Two bodies as one
    Moulded together dripping
    Sweat from soft warm tits
    (this one is for my co-worker)
    Panting, breathing its
    all juicy in many cracks
    mainly under tits

    Thats all for now! Luckily I did these in school (many years ago) and its easy to get back into

    Moobs, Starbucks, sweat, and tainted potables in one haiku. You have set a high bench mark on that one. – Evyl

  17. I am planning on joining one of these one of these days. Trouble is I desperately need to increase my vocabulary as my ESL teachers never taught me any of the ones that would win your contests.

    Trust me, I’m working on it.
    Hubby doesn’t even recognise me anymore 😉 .

    I bet you could. You are just being shy. – Evyl

  18. this is really bad…sorry!

    It’s natural… I know
    When I work so darn hard in your bed
    I sweat from my tits not my head.

    Don’t be sorry. I think it is great. – Evyl

  19. happy mother’s day.
    the sweat from underneath thy
    teet mixed with thy milk.

    Luv how you mixed Mother’s Day in there. Good Good Stuff. – Evyl

  20. titty titty sweat
    that’s what we compete for. a
    chance for the greatness.

    i knew i’d get points for the mother’s day twist so i wanted to go hardcore.

    And it’s a goodie. – Evyl

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