Freak Of The Week Contest: Week Three

Since I have some other blogging duties to perform this evening, I have decided to move up the start of this Weeks Freak of the Week contest. The end of the contest remains the same however. With an extra day, I am sure that this weeks entries will be truly a sight to behold.

This week’s contest is a true test of evyl ability. Your challenge if you choose to accept it is to write one sentence. The sentence that the Freak Finding Panel of Judges find to be the freakiest and most evyl wins the exalted title of Evyl’s Freak of the Week. Sound easy? Good!!! The only rules are that it must be only one sentence and must contain these three words (or a variation of the words): Squint, Yurt, and Queef.

Good Luck, and may the freakiest freak win. 

14 Responses to “Freak Of The Week Contest: Week Three”

  1. Poised to peruse the Yurt’s fallopian tubes, obviously following a balls deep wallowing, her legs spread wide she queefed in my eye causing me to wince at what she did dispense.

    Purty damn good. – Evyl

  2. I had to squint when I looked up the meaning of “yurt” in the dictionary, and by hell it’s not what I expected to find, especially when you use it with the word queef.

    I know it’s just wrong.

    It is a tricky word. And will kick some ass at Scrabble when people doubt that it is even a word. And that is a great sentence. – Evyl

  3. My other option was to use it like this…

    Hillary had to squint to see Barak’s queef as he snuck behind the yurt to piss before the next round of political questions.

    Always like to hear a political angle. – Evyl

  4. Hi Evyl,

    I’ll take a shot:

    The Judge had to squint for a long time at the arrest warrant and my driver’s license in his attempt to confirm my claim that one said “Yurt” while the other said “Kurt,” before he asked me, “So, what’s your queef?”

    the Grit

    Good one. – Evyl

  5. Queef you, if you squint at me again, I’ll yurt your ass.

    ‘Queef you’? I fuckin’ love it!!! – Evyl

  6. “Poised to peruse the Yurt’s fallopian tubes, obviously following a balls deep wallowing, her legs spread wide she queefed in my eye causing me to wince at what she did dispense.”

    If anyone can top Ozymandiaz’s gem, damn. That’s hysterical.

    Ozy can kick some ass in a spur of the moment. – Evyl

  7. You like to make things hard dont you evyl?
    I will have to think about it and come back. 2 early in the morning to think now.

    Can’t make it too easy. – Evyl

  8. OK here goes:

    She has a really bad habit of squinting when she comes, and then she queefs loud enough to blow the roof of a yurt.

    Excellent!!! – Evyl

  9. My eyes were squinting because the yurt was dark inside and warm like the lovely slit that queefed with joy when I arrived.

    Damn, that is imagery at it’s best!!! – Evyl

  10. He squinted menacingly at me and said “get back in the yurt, bitch, and when I say ‘queef’ dammit, you’d better sound off!

    Forceful, I like it. – Evyl

  11. The man, squinting, felt himself throb wildly as he made out the rough sign pinned outside the deliciously rank yurt, “Animals for ur pleasure – all types Queefing, Showers, or Milking extra $$”.

    That’s awesome!!! I’m looking for the yurt where queefs come standard. – Evyl

  12. I have nothing to add, but a little FYI that I will adamantly deny on my blog:
    Long ago, in a far away land, I was once the Queen of Queef.

    What a lovely title. – Evyl

  13. OMG I was at work in a boring as meeting when I started thinking about sexy -times with my man when I noticed that my boss, Mr Yurt was squinting at me, it was then that I realised I queefed in suprise and moaned his name!

    Good stuff. – Evyl

  14. She squinted briefly at the sun before entering the darkness of the yurt where she was about to encounter a mind blowing fuck that would make her queef.

    That’s good. – Evyl

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