Freak of the Week Contest: Week Four

Once again it is time to search for next weeks Freak of the Week and this week is a toughie. I appreciate the great response this contest is getting and my appreciation to everyone who has entered. This week your challenge, should you accept it, is to complete a modern fable. I will start the story and your task is to add the finishing paragraph and add a moral to the story.

The Dyke-Troll

Once upon a time, not so long ago, in a village, not so far away, lived a dyke-troll. She was actually quite attractive as far as dyke-trolls go with long flowing golden tresses and an athletic and agile body. The dyke-troll lived in a pothole along a walking path in the village park. The walking path was a favorite spot for the women of the village to walk. Exercising to lose a few pounds.

When an unsuspecting woman would fall into the pothole, the dyke-troll would pounce on her and use a combination finger-fucking and ass licking technique, and mesmerize her. The dyke-troll would then steal any item of value. In a cubby corner of the pothole, the dyke troll had a hoard of treasure; pedometers, I-pods, cell phones, stylish headbands, and other assorted items.

Soon the women of the village started talking in hushed whispers of the talents and perils of the lovely dyke-troll. Some of the women wished to drive the dyke-troll from the walking path, but many of the women took up walking on the chance that they would meet the dyke-troll and learn of her mesmerizing methods.

Then one day , a woman, upset over her missing I-Pod, called the village handyman and hired him to fill in the pothole on the park’s walking path. The handyman loaded up his wheelbarrow and shovel and struck out for the park. Standing staring into the pothole, the handyman slipped upon a rock and fell face first into the pothole.

Now it’s your turn to finish the story and provide the moral to this twisted little fable. Good luck to all and may the freakiest freak win.

I posted the contest a little earlier this week as it is Memorial Day Weekend and I didn’t want to interrupt anyones festivities and this contest might prove a little trickier than the others. Once again, Good Luck!!!

10 Responses to “Freak of the Week Contest: Week Four”

  1. Hi Evyl,

    Let’s see…

    Fortunately for the handyman, his head was large enough to block out the light from the pothole, so the dyke-troll mistook him for just another female victim. Instead of ripping him apart and scattering the bloody bits hither and yon across the park, she yanked him down and attempted to mesmerize him. Thus, the ass licking began, but, surprisingly, it licked back! This distracted the dyke-troll from following up with the finger-fucking, while she investigated the unusual orifice, wherein she discovered a gribble. By the time she extracted it, the handyman, who was really Richard Gear on vacation, managed to start some mesmerizing of his own, which was so magical that the dyke-troll turned into a beautiful heterosexual woman. Richard, of course, fucked her and then, as usual, kicked her out of the pothole, replaced his ass gribble, pocketed all the loot, and filled up the pothole.

    The moral of the story is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a klutz, as long as you’re a handsome klutz who doesn’t mind taking it in the ass.

    the Grit

    Kudos on a very nice entry. Fuzzy animals always liven up a fable. – Evyl

  2. The fall knocked the handyman unconscious and before the dyke-troll could decide what to do with him, another unsuspecting woman fell into the pothole. Moments late the handyman was awoken by the woman’s screams of pleasure and decided he wanted to learn these mesmorization techniques for himself. He watched quietly until the dyke-troll was finished, and then pounced on her to try it out. The dyke-troll enjoyed it so much that she invited him to stay with her in the pothole. From that day on each woman that the dyke-troll mesmorized would then be fucked by the handyman as well.

    The Moral of the Story – Never ask for a man’s help unless you want things to get fucked more than they already are.

    That’s going to be hard to beat. That moral is freakin’ hilarious. – Evyl

  3. The dyke-troll tried to mesmerize him with her exquisite talents but he was unfathomable. It had been so long since the handyman had experienced anything like this that he had forgot what to do. The dyke-troll was lost for her in affect with the man, and she fell in to a deep depressive coma. He crawled out of the pothole, after retrieving all the valuables and continued his work filling the pothole. When he returned the treasures back to the woman of the village he was rewarded with normal human guy on girl sex and he returned back to his youthful sex loving machine.

    The moral of this story is: go to long without something and your bound to forget just how great it can be!

    An impressive entry. I think everyone is doing great. It’s going to be another tough week for the judges. – Evyl

  4. I got nuth’n…. no, nuth’n but I’m having fun reading the entries!

    They are good. But surely you have something. – Evyl

  5. Shit i 4got i had to think of a moral. is there a length limit?

    Nope. Can’t wait to see your entry. – Evyl

  6. I can’t think of a continuation to the story, but the moral of the story is…

    A furry up the ass is worth more than fucking a troll.

    True. – Evyl

  7. joebecca Says:

    Because of his strength, he quickly overpowered the dyke-troll, and told her of the plan to fill the pothole in. The dyke-troll panicked, trying to think of a way to keep her home, and the women of the village happy. She quickly came up with an idea. “The next 5 women that fall, we’ll cover her eyes, and we’ll both work our magic. The first person to get 3 votes will win. If you win, i’ll leave the pothole, return their items, and go away forever. If I win, you will admit defeat, leave here, and I can stay.” The handyman thought about this and quickly said yes, knowing full well he would win.
    The first woman fell, and they each had their turn. The woman immediately picked the dyke-troll. The second and third quickly followed suit after their turns and chose the dyke-troll.
    The frustrated handyman had to admit defeat. The dyke-troll laughed and said, ” I even used my pinky finger, to give you an edge over me!” The handyman left the pothole, and the dyke-troll (and it’s happy women) lived happily ever after!

    This story has two morals:

    1. It’s not the length of your wand, it’s the magic in it.

    2. Anything a man can do, a woman can do better!

    Excellent entry. And you just gave hope to a bunch of small wand carriers out there. – Evyl

  8. Firstly I do apologise for the length but hey work was quiet…

    Hany Andy fell down the Manhole* greeting Delilah the Dyketroll ass first so Delilah did her usual but found she needed to use her fingers as well.

    Handy Andy moaned with pleasure, he had so much fun that he screamed with delight so loud that the whole of the town could hear.

    When Delilah was finished Handy Andy thought the only polite thing to do would be to return the favour. So he used every trick he had tried and tested as well as some new ones he hadnt tried yet.

    To Delilah’s suprise she was extremely aroused by this man’s talent of licking, sucking and touching. Soon Delilah begain to feel dizzy and faint, she couldnt concentrate. Sudenly everything went dark, Delilah had blacked out after having the best orgasm she had ever experienced.

    Handy Andy cuddled Delilah and began to notice that her nose looked very much like his mothers nose, her eyes looked alot like his own eyes…..

    Handy Andy started thinking… When he was five years old his mother had a biiiig tummy. One day she was in alot of pain and she went somewhere. When she came back she didnt have a biiig tummy anymore. Being five years old Handy Andy figured his mama got a tummy tuck. When he was older his mama explained that his baby sister had been stillborn. But this troll was looking alot like himself and his mother. Could it be? Could Delilah the DykeTroll actually be his sister suposed dead?

    Delilah awoke with a bulging tummy. It appeared that DykeTrolls go through pregnancy faster than humans. Handy Andy thought long and hard before deciding that he would stay underground in the Manhole with his Sister and raise their children together.


    *to me a pothole is like a tiny hole with missing concrete on the road.

    Moral: If the Royal’s can keep it in the family so can Handy Andy and Delilah the DykeTroll..

    Incest always perks up a good fable. – Evyl

  9. Evyl, I don’t envy you picking a winner amongst this bunch. Man, you do attract a bunch of freaks. Damn, they’re adorable.

    Every week it gets tougher and tougher. It’s a good thing that I always enlist a panel of judges. And you are adorable yourself, darlin’. – Evyl

  10. When he came to, he was staring face-to-twat with the Dyke-Troll. He was afraid, very afraid.
    Dyke-Troll never liked men and the handyman was no exception. She grabbed him by the crotch and twisted hard, removing the few, pathetic inches of limp dick he had, and then threw him AND his junk up and out of the hole.
    He landed smack-dab in his own wheelbarrow! He was discovered later that day by the woman who had hired him. She took pity on him and wheeled him, dick in hand to the hospital where it was successfully re-attached.
    Henry David Thoreau said: “Men have become the fools of their tools”
    Moral: If you work with your hands, make sure you keep your tool safe.

    Thanks darlin’ for another great entry. – Evyl

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