Memorial Day ’08

While we are out sucking down cold ones, hanging out by the barbecue, or any other way that we celebrate the Memorial Day Weekend, try to remember what it’s all about. It is a day to celebrate the lives of the brave men and women who have fought and paid the highest price to preserve our freedom and way of life. This Memorial Day, I wish to also thank those that are fighting and those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of our brave soldiers have returned suffering from many injuries and not all of them are physical. A great many of our brave warriors have returned suffering from PTSD. I send to all of them my sincere gratitude and my wish that they will soon find the help that they need to cope with the hell from where they have returned.

Happy Memorial Day and Thank You.

8 Responses to “Memorial Day ’08”

  1. Happy Memorial Day.


    Thanks, darlin’. – Evyl

  2. Well said. Thank you for posting that.

    So what fine grub are you gonna be grilling up?

    You are welcome. I know when to give my dues. And a sincere thank you to you and yours. It can’t be easy being the wife of a man in the service. Knowing what he has waiting at home should make a world of difference.

    Tonight – Grilled Porkchops, Steak, and a Potato, Purple Onion, and squash medley. Tomorrow – Pork Tenderloin. Monday – I will be smoking a Briskit and cooking up some red beans in the trusty dutch oven. – Evyl

  3. Yum! That sounds good!!
    Thank you for posting this remembrance. It’s good to acknowledge the whole point of the holiday.
    Happy Memorial Day, Evyl!!

    Have a great Holiday. – Evyl

  4. I hope you’re enjoying your holiday. I feel it is one’s patriotic duty to drink enough piss to wipe out a rhinoceros and eat until your arteries explode to give thanks to the selfless men and women who give their lives or their ongoing quality of life for their country. Bless them, all of them.

    And bless you, Americans – enjoy!

    I don’t know about any rhinos but I damn sure got some armadillos on the run. And thanks, I will. Hope your weekend has been a good one. – Evyl

  5. Happy Memorial Day to you too. Stay safe.
    Hey, have you tried a purple potato yet?
    They’re so pretty & they taste fantastic!

    I have never tried a purple potato but if I see any, I will get some. Purple Potatoes and Purple Onions together would be a colorful sidedish. – Evyl

  6. I’m currently out on the deck with my daughter’s laptop; a Guinness and a nice Cuban cigar to keep my hands busy in between answering comments. And the sun is shining to beat the band. Beautiful.
    I agree that we need to remember what this holiday is all about. I’ve posted my small tribute as well.
    Have a great weekend, bud.

    I can’t think of a better way to spend the day. I caught your vid. Awesome, dude. – Evyl

  7. I echo your sentiments. Let’s hear it for the boys (and girls)who have fought for us. Thank you for the reminder.

    And thank you. – Evyl

  8. well said. ; ) thanx 4 commenting. i’m glad U had a good weekend: cold ones, BBQ & all. yummmmmy! ; )

    You are welcome. Thanks for dropping in. Now if I could just get my hands on that password. All would be well in the world. – Evyl

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