A Little Musical Interlude For The Weekend

And remember this holiday weekend, don’t drink and drive. Get a designated driver. And if I can find a DD with double D’s then life just don’t get no better.

2 Responses to “A Little Musical Interlude For The Weekend”

  1. It was disturbing to hear an ACDC song that way. I think I may be scarred. Thanks! Have a great weekend too!

    You are welcome. And if Hayseed Dixie isn’t your cup of tea check out the newest addition to the vodpod, ‘Smell Yo Dick’. It’s crazy good. – Evyl

  2. you’re not a Redneck are you? 😉
    The mulletts are fucking priceless.
    Love the bride and groom on the frontloader. Don’t get much redder than that.
    Awesome tune too, dude . . .

    I wouldn’t classify myself as a Redneck as I don’t have a gunrack in my pickup. But I will admit to a few redneck ways. – Evyl

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