Freak Of The Week Winner: Week 4

Yet again the Freak Finding Panel of Judges had a tall order coming up with this weeks winner. With all the great entries, it is a shame that there can be only one winner. Yet one story stood out thanks to an excellent moral. The title ‘Freak of The Week’ goes to The Covert Lover!!!

Now on to the complete fable with the winning ending.

The Dyke-Troll

Once upon a time, not so long ago, in a village, not so far away, lived a dyke-troll. She was actually quite attractive as far as dyke-trolls go with long flowing golden tresses and an athletic and agile body. The dyke-troll lived in a pothole along a walking path in the village park. The walking path was a favorite spot for the women of the village to walk. Exercising to lose a few pounds.

When an unsuspecting woman would fall into the pothole, the dyke-troll would pounce on her and use a combination finger-fucking and ass licking technique, and mesmerize her. The dyke-troll would then steal any item of value. In a cubby corner of the pothole, the dyke troll had a hoard of treasure; pedometers, I-pods, cell phones, stylish headbands, and other assorted items.

Soon the women of the village started talking in hushed whispers of the talents and perils of the lovely dyke-troll. Some of the women wished to drive the dyke-troll from the walking path, but many of the women took up walking on the chance that they would meet the dyke-troll and learn of her mesmerizing methods.

Then one day , a woman, upset over her missing I-Pod, called the village handyman and hired him to fill in the pothole on the park’s walking path. The handyman loaded up his wheelbarrow and shovel and struck out for the park. Standing staring into the pothole, the handyman slipped upon a rock and fell face first into the pothole.

The fall knocked the handyman unconscious and before the dyke-troll could decide what to do with him, another unsuspecting woman fell into the pothole. Moments late the handyman was awoken by the woman’s screams of pleasure and decided he wanted to learn these mesmorization techniques for himself. He watched quietly until the dyke-troll was finished, and then pounced on her to try it out. The dyke-troll enjoyed it so much that she invited him to stay with her in the pothole. From that day on each woman that the dyke-troll mesmorized would then be fucked by the handyman as well.

The Moral of the Story – Never ask for a man’s help unless you want things to get fucked more than they already are.

I thank everyone for entering my little contest. You are simply the best and you are all Freaks of the Week in my book. I also wish to congratulate Covert Lover on a job well done and hope that everyone can go over and congratulate her as well. And on the Freak of the Week Page, you can find a little ode to this weeks winner.

4 Responses to “Freak Of The Week Winner: Week 4”

  1. (Oh shoot! I meant to come back and play this Freak of the Week.)

    Well, congrats to Covert Lover! Definitely a well finished story!

    It was a great finish. And please try again next week. I am not sure what the contest will be but I am sure that I can think of something freaky to play around with. – Evyl

  2. LMFAO… Damn well deserved.

  3. Ah thank you, thank you.
    It is an honor to be your Freak of the Week! 😉

    The honor is mine. Thanks for the great entry. – Evyl

  4. Congrats to The Covert Lover !!! Great ending AND moral!!!

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