I Can’t Believe I Posted A Quiz

I am a sucker for taking blog quizzes. This might come as a surprise since I never post any. But this quiz is just to damn funny not to share.

The quiz determines just how many five year olds that you could take in a fight. I was proud of the fact that I could easily take on 32 of the fucking munchkins. I believe the number was upped considerably due to the fact that I would have no moral objection in picking up one of the five year olds and using the crumb-cruncher as a weapon.

Click here to see how you fare.

13 Responses to “I Can’t Believe I Posted A Quiz”

  1. shit! I only scored 16. But they didn’t take into account my kick arse boots so I’m sure a few more could be added 😉 lol

    Kick ass boots should count for at least four more anklebiters. – Evyl

  2. Damn, almost caught ya. I (supposedly) can only take on thirty, but I’ll bet I can fare better than that because I wouldn’t be following any stupid rules and non of the kids would be able to kick high enough to tag the jewels. Damn, together we could totaly rule the school yard.
    Ooooh, we could be uber bullies.

    Hell’s yeah. I am thanking that a day in Kindergarten would be totally kick ass. – Evyl

  3. Bloody hell! I only got 17. That’s because they aren’t MY kids though and I’m easier on other peoples kids. If they were my own? I could have totally taken 100 of the little brats without batting an eyelid.

    You just have to picture them as your own and kick some ass. – Evyl

  4. 28 😀

    I might be short, but when it comes to 5 yr olds, I have experience and I know to be utterly ruthless!

    Hells yeah. Let’s hit the kindergarten. – Evyl

  5. Being an old man who is out of shape and has zero muscle mass, I scored a 4(frankly, I’m surprised it was that high).

    Sic the cat on their ass. – Evyl

  6. Well, clearly I’m no Evyl but they think I could take on 19 of the little twerps. Not bad for a cream puff like me, eh? LOL.

    19 ain’t bad at all. – Evyl

  7. I scored a 20. Really it would depend on my mood that day though. I could easily take on a whole lot more, but on some days I might just run away from them!

    That would be okay. Just cranekick one on your way out. – Evyl

  8. I could only take on 15. I could probably take on more but most of them are almost as tall as me. sheesh.

    15 ain’t bad. Take out the biggest one first and the rest should scatter. – Evyl

  9. 33 of the little fuckers. And I would do so happily.

    Hells Yeah!!! I am so ready to go and test out the veracity of the quiz. – Evyl

  10. It’s almost a Monty Python clip

    It says I can kill 34 of the little bugga’s!


    It would make a great clip on the Flying Circus. 34 is impressive. Thanks for popping in. I appreciate it. – Evyl

  11. Man, I can take on 24 of the little bastids; not bad eh? And, yes, I’d pick one up to hurl at the rest, not a problem 😉

    24 ain’t bad at all. I wouldn’t have any problem with windmilling one of the little dickbeaters and knocking down a dozen or so like a bunch of bowling pins. – Evyl

  12. 34!!!! Gadfly, thou art magnificent.

    It is an impressive number. – Evyl

  13. You’re so badass, Evyl.
    It says I’d take on 20 .. 😐

    20 ain’t bad at all. – Evyl

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