Freak Of The Week Contest: Week Five

Yes my good freaks and friends, it is once again time to choose a new Freak of the Week. I have no doubt that this contest will live up to the high standards of Freakishness that we have all come to love and expect. You people are the best damn freaks on the net. Okay, enough fucking brown-nosing on my part, on with the contest.

You’re assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to add a caption to the pic on the bottom of this post. Have fun and good luck to you all.

23 Responses to “Freak Of The Week Contest: Week Five”

  1. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    “Why’d you get the third one removed?”

    Good entry. – Evyl

  2. “If I show you these, will you forget I have a cock?”

    Dude, I think we share a few brain cells. – Evyl

  3. Darren Stevens! Of course I didn’t spend your year-end bonus check on a boob job! I only twitched my nose to get these babies! Now suck ’em or I’ll call Mother!

    She does look like Samantha now that you bring it up, I see it. – Evyl

  4. “You think the embezzlement was bad, check out how I spent it! Take that Enron and your shitty benefits package!”

    Nothing like money well spent. – Evyl

  5. trouble13 Says:

    Guy – “But, But, I thought you said you were a man!”

    Chick – “Was darling… was.”

    Excellent. – Evyl

  6. mistermanly Says:

    Hi Evyl,

    I’ll give it another shot.

    Girl – “You’ve made me think that I may not really be a lesbian! Please, oh please, prove me right!”
    Guy – “Crap, what a bad day to run out of Viagra! Call me tomorrow?”

    the Grit

    It’s never a good time to run out of Viagra. If you need it. I myself have never needed it. I could use some anti-Viagra most of the time. – Evyl

  7. Ha! I can’t think of anything but am enjoying reading all the entries. 🙂

    They are good but surely you can think of something. – Evyl

  8. But MOM!!! None of the other guys at College still get breastfed.

    That is awesome. – Evyl

  9. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    girl: “I’ve just dosed you with a powerful sedative, and when you wake up, you’ll have your own set of these!”

    Now that’s evyl. – Evyl

  10. but, but, but…I’m allergic to milk 😦

    Oh, the perils of being lactose intolerant. – Evyl

  11. “I haven’t lost a staring contest yet!”

    Excellent!!! I knew that you had it in you. – Evyl

  12. “I make milk…what is your superpower?”

    Now that would make one hell of a Superfriend. – Evyl

  13. “Can’t I just leave you a copy of the Book of Mormon”, ma’am? …

    “Oh, dear prophet Joseph Smith!! I fear I am about to sin greatly, for I wish to fornicate with this magnificent harlot! Oh POWERFUL GOD, I wish it SO!”

    A religous angle is always good. – Evyl

  14. Or this one…I’m not sure 8)

    “Just admit it, your jealous of my plan for world domination!”

    I have been dominated by just such a plan on one occasion a bunch of times. – Evyl

  15. “Most suffocate their victims with a pillow, you will die under these my dear!”

    Death by motorboat would be my choice for a demise. – Evyl

  16. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    “No, Superman, THIS is how you tear a shirt off!”

    I likes it. – Evyl

  17. This is where I want the pearl necklace OK???? With a pendant too, just make sure its not long enough to get lost in my cleavage.

    Phunny. – Evyl

  18. He wasn’t sure whether she’d use them for good…or evil.

    When their used for pleasure their the boobs I like the best. – Evyl

  19. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    not a contest entry, just a remark: i have actually heard stories of people baring their breasts to scare the protesters away from abortion clinics.

    the contest entry it inspires: “Getting stretch-marks on THESE would be an even bigger sin!”

    Those lucky assed protesters. – Evyl

  20. Plumbin' Says:

    Janet: Take another look at these, JT!!!

    Justin: Not again, Miss Jackson. You know what? I beginning to think that wasn’t a wardrobe malfunction at all!!!

    Nice attempt. Great user name. – Evyl

  21. Shitty little Kitty
    Always used her titties
    to get what she wanted from men
    Stupid little Steven
    Couldn’t even breathe when
    the boobie-hypnotizing began

    Awesome Ali. It is true. You see poetry. – Evyl

  22. I just did six hours of anime nudie shots and I’m horny as hell! Now shut up and give it to me, fanboy! “Hurt the baby” my ass!

    Excellent!!! – Evyl

  23. […] where a picture is posted to inspire random captions. You can see last week’s contest here. It was the first time I participated and my personal quote for that was, “If I show you […]

    But not all contests are the same. This coming weeks contest promises fun for everyone. And thanks for the link dude. – Evyl

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