Another Musical Interlude: Whoop Somebody’s Ass

I am so glad that it is the weekend because one more day at work without a break and I will definitely whoop somebody’s ass.



7 Responses to “Another Musical Interlude: Whoop Somebody’s Ass”

  1. “cold cocked” doesn’t have the same meaning it did back in the …. I dunno … ’30s maybe.

    I always think of the old ice-cubes blowjob fun 😉

    I wonder it that is how the band, Coldplay, got their name. – Evyl

  2. ~bending over~
    if you need an ass to smack i’ll volunteer Evyl-delish.

    That’s the best offer that I have had all week. – Evyl

  3. i really need to load the avatar to my wordpress folder… i hate the penishead.

    🙂 – Evyl

  4. Noice. Very noice, Mr. Evyl

    Thanks, dude. – Evyl

  5. Nothing wrong with a good ass whoopin’…from the right person 😉

    Hells yeah!!! – Evyl

  6. I loved this song!! Glad you got the weekend to help you wind down from your work week. Wouldn’t want you going all “whooop ass” on somebody! But I’m with Lakota. You need an ass to whomp on, I’ll volunteer. 😉

    You’re a sweetheart. – Evyl

  7. I love bob and tom…listen to them every morning!

    Hope next week goes better.

    So do I. Thanks, darlin’. – Evyl

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