Tuesday’s Twisted Tasteless Poetry: Episode II

Golden Shower

Ah fuck it the hell with this

Can’t think of shit to rhyme for piss

Except perhaps the sound of piss as it makes a streaming hiss.

Or perhaps some sick fuck that takes an incestuous piss upon his sis.

Perhaps next week I’ll think of something clever but this weeks a miss.

Yet at least I came up with a rhyme for piss.

7 Responses to “Tuesday’s Twisted Tasteless Poetry: Episode II”

  1. Very well done, you always seem to crack me up! 🙂

    Thanks, darlin’. Hope you have tried that vinegar treatment. It really works. – Evyl

  2. Gold, pure gold!!! (Just found you from Michael’s post) 😉

    Thanks, Simonne. I appreciate it. Expect a visit from me later to thank you in person, so to speak. – Evyl

  3. The Evyl Dr. Seuss. LMAO!

    Thank you my dear. As an age old Seuss fan, I appreciate that comment far more than you will ever know. – Evyl

  4. I’m starting to see a trend in this and the last post. LOL. Is it a contest? Do I win? 😉

    Everything here is a trend. But what is it leading to? Now there’s the rub. And I can’t wait to see your entry in the next contest. It will be one hell of a test this week, I assure you. – Evyl

  5. Mmmm . .golden showers . .almost as good as scat.

    😉 – Evyl

  6. Lakota and I are on the same wavelength.

    Dr. Seuss for grown ups. 🙂

    Thanks, darlin’. – Evyl

  7. Yes sir, I did. But apparently that is supposed to take away the heat from normal sunburns. My main problem isn’t the heat, it’s the pain from blisters, scabs, and such – and my clothing rubbing on said grossness. So, in my case, taking away the heat didn’t help as much as I’d hoped since it burnt like hell on the raw spots. Ooops!

    I’m sorry. Hope it gets better soon. – Evyl

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