Screw Cats: More LOL Boobs

8 Responses to “Screw Cats: More LOL Boobs”

  1. Don’t forget to enter the contest.

  2. Whoa! And I thought I had problems finding the right size bra!

    Bet her’s have steel girders. – Evyl

  3. It’s Herbie the Love Bug and Noreen, the No-Neck Wonder.

    She would likely smother if she were hung upside down. – Evyl

  4. That just looks miserable to me!

    Bet it’s tough to read the speedometer. – Evyl

  5. Evyl, now I’m picturing her on a meathook hanging upside down. And damn, it makes me glad I’m vegetarian.

    I was also picturing her on a roller coaster during the loop de loops. – Evyl

  6. fuck that freaked me out – except for the giant hooters that looked so much like my hubby’s youngest sister!!

    Got her number? – Evyl 😉

  7. we don’t need no stinking airbags!
    That’s the same broad from the “Mooseknuckle” post on Smoke ‘N Evyl . . .

  8. She kinda looks like an ugly Mariah Carey on ‘roids. Well, boob ‘roids.

    The best ‘roids of all. – Evyl

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