So That’s Why They Do That

17 Responses to “So That’s Why They Do That”

  1. Fuck! Damn! And yeah…

    Handy, huh. – Evyl

  2. I bet that looks a little odd without the shot glass, but hey, you always have a place to hang your keys.

    True. – Evyl

  3. Okay – this site is a bad influence for me but if he’s got two of those and no shotglasses, then they would make great handles for when he’s going down on me, I mean, someone. 😉

    I wouldn’t call it a bad influence. Although I am proud that you are able to now explore the possibilities and share them. You rock, darlin’. – Evyl

  4. Eww Teeni, NOOooooooooo! Shit girl, you’ve been corrupted 😉 LOL! This post made me cringe. That’s some fucked up weirdness….. whoah!

    It is strange. Now if I can just find a pic to describe Teeni’s excellent suggestion. – Evyl

  5. Yeah…I gotta go with JavaQueen on this: Eww Teeni! LOL

    I just can’t understand why everyone is hating on Teeni like this. 😉 – Evyl

  6. LOL!!! “Honey, if you really loved me you’d put handles in your ears for me.”

    As Meatloaf would say, I would do anything for love…. – Evyl

  7. Hey, I’m with Teeni! A girl has got to have something to hang onto when he’s doing what all good men do! If it has alcohol in it then all the better…a good drink only enhances the experience!

    As far as something to hang onto that’s what the cuffs on the bedpost are for. – Evyl

  8. A real man would be sporting a beer glass!

    Or a fucking Schooner. – Evyl

  9. Forget the oral sex, why not shove a dildo through that ridiculous thing and make him walk around like that? Now THERE’S the definition of a dickhead 🙂

    Or a vibe and lucky gals could catch a buzz. – Evyl

  10. Maureen Says:

    forget the oral sex????????

    I’m with you. You just don’t skip the appetizer. – Evyl

  11. ^^^LMAO!!!^^

    It’s amazing how a comment thread can catch hold. – Evyl

  12. Hi Evyl,

    That’s definitely, maybe, the sixth weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks.

    Hi 2,

    Well, you don’t know what’s stuck through his other ear. For that matter, we don’t know that he doesn’t have a bottle opener inserted through his scrotum. Judging only on the information available, nothing about the pictured individual would really surprise me.

    the Grit

    You know the guy has a PA. You just gotta know it. – Evyl

  13. It would also make a nice flower vase, during non-drinking hours. 😉

    Non-Drinking Hours? WTF? – Evyl 😉

  14. wow…umm…a fun new spin on body-shots??? And TEENI, I love seeing this side of you emerge in this sensual environment that Evyl has created!!! LOL… 🙂

    Too much spinning and that dude is going to hurt himself. And ain’t Teeni just the sweetest thing ever. – Evyl

  15. Not anymore! 😯 LOL.

    I’m only good on my own site … because of nieces and nephews and stuff who may read my blog. I’m hoping they all haven’t figure out how to follow me on my blog visits. Oh well, if they’ve figured it out then they can handle it. 😉

    Anytime you feel like getting your freak on a blog post, shoot me an e-mail. You could do a guest post anytime you feel like it. And it is a lucky thing that I didn’t start this weeks contest Saturday. You would have kicked everyone’s ass right off the bat with the handle comment. – Evyl

  16. but where does the salt go?

    If you have earholes like that, you don’t need any salt. I myself use neither salt nor lime although years ago I did start using a shot glass. I have a tendency to drain a bottle of Cuervo Gold in no time if I drink from the bottle. – Evyl

  17. Holy shit! Earwax anyone?

    It could be like a drool cup for earwax. I never thought of that. – Evyl

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