Famous Asshole Quotes: Buick’s

I may be getting old but I ain’t Buick old. – Pure Evyl (While carshopping with Bride of Evyl)

8 Responses to “Famous Asshole Quotes: Buick’s”

  1. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    I actually wanted a buick for my first car, a big black Buick sedan. never did get that buick. I got a little hatchback, then a mercury sedan, then a hyundai sedan, but nothing with that 70s tank-with-bench-seats style I love so much, because all the sedans these days are mysterously rounded where I would rather there be pointy bits and edges.

    My first car was a ’63 Ford Fairlane. It certainly had some pointy bits. And I am with you on today’s cars. I can’t believe what they have done to the new Dodge Charger. It is damn near sacreligous. – Evyl

  2. Holy crap – did you read my old lady mobile post? It was totally a Buick. And I might suggest that you NEVER infer that your bride should get one. If you want to live happily, I mean.

    Leave me a link darlin’. And I’m with you but will add one extra, never infer it to a spouse of any gender. Hell, I am fast approaching what should be my mid-life crisis. Hell, I should be out buying a Corvette Stingray circa early to mid ’80’s or a ’68 Camaro. – Evyl

  3. There’s something wrong with Buicks? We don’t have them here – maybe that’s a good thing unless the geriatrics are totally missing out on something?
    I know it’s a car, but that’s about all.

    Handicap stickers are standard on the Buick Regal. It might be worth getting one for easy parking. – Evyl

  4. Here’s the link for my story:

    And I agree with you – it should apply to both sexes.

    You should have kicked the salesman in the balls. What an asshole. Just because he wanted to unload a granny-mobile he called you old at thirty. What a fucking bastard. – Evyl

  5. joebecca Says:

    LMAO!! that is so true!! my dad’s last 3 cars (including the current one) all BUICKS!!

    Get him a Corvette jacket for his birthday and drop a hint. – Evyl

  6. Purchasing an “about-to-kick-the-buick-mobile” is almost the equivalent of buying your headstone

    Truth. – Evyl

  7. Dude, you are the shit. Period.

    And that is exactly why I ain’t driving a damn Buick. – Evyl

  8. Wow. Thanks, Evyl. Just hearing you call him that has made me feel better about the whole thing already. 🙂

    I just calls ’em as I see’s ’em. – Evyl

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