Freak of The Week Winner: Week Six

This week had the judges pulling their hair trying to come up with a winner. Damn those were some kick ass entries from one and all. But in the end, there can be only one. But since this week was an entry in five parts, I wished to give out dishonorable mentions to the best entry on each question as judged by my Freak Finding Panel of Judges.

What is your favorite smell?Ā  Karate – Cowgal Utah

What texture of fabric feels the best against your skin? Whatever feels the most like pussy. – The Grit

What song puts you in the mood for love? Closer (Fuck You Like An Animal) – NIN – Red

What do you look for when buying a pair of shoes?Ā  A sexy stiletto with a pointed toe and towering metal rod heal that doubles as an ass plug. – Java Queen

What would you choose for a superpower? The ability to spit acid and watch the people who piss me off melt. – Anonypop

Yes the Freak Finding panel may have bit off more than they could chew with such a batch of freaky entries but in the end they found the entry that was consistently freaky from top to bottom.

It is my supreme honor and privilige to announce that this week’s Freak Of The Week is the lovely and talented, 2lazydogs.

Once again I would like to express my gratitude for everyone that entered my little contest. If you would go over and congratulate not only our esteemed Freak of the Week but also everyone of the honorable mention winners. I will also post my tribute to 2 on my Freak of the Week page.

And this week’s contest starts now. Your assignment this week, should you choose to accept it, is to leave the freakiest comment of the week. It can be a comment to any post on ‘From Evyl With Love’ from fresh posts to old faves. I wish you all good luck and great comments.

14 Responses to “Freak of The Week Winner: Week Six”

  1. Aw, shit…I really won? Thanks, Evyl…I’m extremely honored. Now, if I could only take the day off to bask in the celebrity and raise a few glasses. Dammit.

    And congrats to all my friends who received dishonorable mentions!

    Bask in the glory. You done good. – Evyl

  2. I’m clearly not shopping in the right shoe stores…

    Crazy shoes, huh. – Evyl

  3. Winning stuff is cool. Especially when it’s for having a dirty mind.

  4. I like that you highlighted the dishonorable mentions also. I still have to figure out it if is just the dirty ones that win or the most unusual.

    Actually, it is a mixture of nasty, unusual, and original that catches the judges eye. – Evyl

  5. joebecca Says:

    CONGRATS TO ALL MY PEEPS FOR BEING SO FUCKING CLEVER!! sorry i missed out on this one Evyl, this would have been right up my alley too, damn!

    anyways, you know i love you right?

    And I love ya back darlin’. – Evyl

  6. Wow. I gotta up my fucking game, I guess.

    You did good. It was just a tough week. – Evyl

  7. Sorry folks, congrats to all.
    So much good stuff here
    And Red? Can’t tell you how much I loved your NIN answer.
    Love that song, especially when I’m pissed off.
    You rock, girl
    Nice job to all.

  8. A fine selection of freakish responses. Congratulations to 2lazydogs and the other dishonorable contributors. There was some fantastic responses.

  9. There were some amazing entries! Congrats to all!

  10. CONGRATS to all and thanks for the mention šŸ˜‰

    It was an excellent answer to the question. Your answer to the first question was damned good as well. – Evyl

  11. sheesh! the man makes 3 comments in his entire life and get a dishonorable mention? shit i gotta get him a blog!

  12. and congrats to everyone btw….there was some ripper entries!

  13. Thanks Evyl .. and Michael šŸ™‚
    Congrats to the oh freaky one!

  14. man…Iā€™m late to the show again. Thanks for the mention. I love to play games with all your freaks, it’s a lot more fun than solitaire.

    Where the hell have you been? šŸ˜‰ Thanks again for playing along. – Evyl

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