A Few Fathers Day Suggestions

Here are a few gift ideas for that guy that is the answer to the question, ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’

5 Responses to “A Few Fathers Day Suggestions”

  1. Good grief, I had to check out the foreign porn. And I can speak the farkin’ language, which somehow made it funnier. *sniggers*

    I love the ending at the last of that vid. It is certainly a happy ending gone bad. – Evyl

  2. All great suggestions; in fact my neighbor bought her dad the wall decor last year on his birthday! Personally, I prefer the foreign porn link though.

    Have a great Father’s Day! 🙂

    Thanks darlin’. I’ll give it my best shot. – Evyl

  3. Hahaha…a mangroomer – now, that’s a thoughtful gift.

    And that last vid – gah! Never thought about the dangers of being a porn videographer.

    Happy Daddy’s Day!

    Every job has it’s hazards. I wonder if these guys get hazard pay for the close ups. – Evyl

  4. You know, it’s hard to tell if that’s a male or female ass in the pic. Disquieting, that.

    I’m just cool like that. – Evyl

  5. The back shaver can be found in a Target in St Petersburg FL. No shit!

    Hells yeah. Handy Dandy ain’t it? – Evyl

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