Freak of The Week Winner: Week Seven

As always it was a tough call for the Freak Finding Panel of Judges but in the end one truly twisted comment pulled through as a winner. This week’s winning comment came from Crazy Dan. On the ode to Vienna Sausages, Crazy Dan commented, “I love the Vienna Sausage but did you know that Vienna is also famous for their balls?. Its true there are over 200 significant balls per year. Most Viennese men and women have visited a few balls in their lifetime, but who hasn’t?. For many people, the ball season lasts three months and can include up to ten or fifteen separate appearances. I am not sure I really understand how they do that because I tried separating my balls and ended up with something that looked like Bea Arther. I do have to admit that I am a little jealous of the Viennese I would love for my balls to have ten or fifteen appearances. I think my next vacation will be in Vienna so I can invite lots of people to my balls.”

Congratulations Crazy Dan on being this weeks Freak of the Week.

Crazy Dan has been a man without a blog for quite a while now. His original blog, ‘Accidental Goat Sodomy’ is now a thing of legend. Recently, I invited Crazy Dan to start posting along with Smoke and myself at Smoke and Evyl and decided to give him co-billing. So head over to Smoke, Evyl, and Crazy Dan and give him a warm freak welcome. And don’t forget to go over to the Freak of the Week page for my little ode to this fabulous freak. 

Thanks once again to everyone for playing along. And this weeks contest coming up Thursday should be a thing of beauty.

6 Responses to “Freak of The Week Winner: Week Seven”

  1. Well, that definitely was a great comment. LOL. Viennese balls. Now more famous than swedish meatballs. LOL

  2. Hmmm Viennese Balls?? Can I get me some of them??? Thats a great comment too – you did good Dan

    And there’s something at my place just for you in case you didn’t get the link. Enjoy :))

  3. dontdatethatdude Says:

    I love Dan’s comment and vacation idea, any man who loves balls that much is a 10 in my book! Accidental Goat Sodomy, Brilliant! Sorry it’s no more. I’ll have to click over and see what he’s writing now!

  4. Damn; I *luv* learning new things (lol, giggle*) so my thanx 2 Crazy Dan! Too funny! : D

    And I just wanted 2 say *hiya* just ’cause. I read way more than I comment in case I havent mentioned that before. ; ) *muah

  5. hahaha, the seperate appearances thing killed me…now that is fucked up, but in a very good way 🙂

  6. Well deserved, well deserved. Now gotta go catch up on the other winners……..

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