Tuesday’s Twisted Tasteless Poetry: Episode V

Creak, Wheeze, And Cough In The Night

Lecherous Larry, the Casanova,

The Nursing Home Don Juan,

Now spends his days in a comatose haze

To OD on Viagra’s a bitch.

7 Responses to “Tuesday’s Twisted Tasteless Poetry: Episode V”

  1. Ha! From now on I believe I will think of you and this poem every time I visit my mom in her nursing home! Good one. 🙂

    That’s nice. Most people don’t appreciate being reminded of me with their mothers. 😉 – Evyl

  2. Aww, I feel bad for Larry and all the old ladies who won’t get to enjoy his viagra. LOL. “The Nursing Home Don Juan.” Love it!

    Thanks darlin’. And I would imagine that there are many nursing home Don Juans out there. Hopefully one day I will live long enough to be one myself. – Evyl

  3. What’s your bet that bawdy old Beryl, the nursing home whore is still riding the wrinkly pony of old Larry while it still has some life in it. 🙂

    Sounds like my kinda gal. – Evyl

  4. That’s almost like a public service announcment: USE VIAGRA IN MODERATION…PERPETUAL BONERS WILL ONLY HURT YOU LATER….or something.


    True. – Evyl

  5. This is hi-larry-ous! Love it!

    Thanks darlin’. Nice to see ya around. – Evyl

  6. The last line doesn’t … maybe that was the point…


    As good a point as any. – Evyl

  7. that’s so depressing and of course hilarious all at the same time 🙂
    we have so much to look forward to…
    i think my mind is twisted… sigh… well then i’m in good company LOL

    It’s one way to grow old gracefully. And yep it’s always nice to have company. – Evyl

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