Who’s Got The Biggest?

Esmeralda wins First Prize at the Guess How Much My Balls Weigh Contest.

9 Responses to “Who’s Got The Biggest?”

  1. Wow . . I wonder if she can teabag ’em too!

    If she can then she is one helluva woman and someone needs to get me her number. – Evyl

  2. That has got to be one of our contests here in Texas….

    I’m thinking the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. – Evyl

  3. holy jeebus – what is that? An elephant? A rhinoceros? A sleestack? A dinosaur? Whatever it is, at least they’ve got that healthy pink glow.

    I am guessing it’s a bull. – Evyl

  4. Teabag ’em. *sniggers*

    Red has rendered me speechless.

    She does have that ability. – Evyl

  5. Hmm, almost as big as mine 😛

    I would hate to have to lug those around all day. I would have to get someone to carry them around for me. – Evyl

  6. Hahahaha…Teeni, a sleestack? OMG. I cannot stop laughing.

    If Sleestack balls were that big then there is no wonder why the breathed that way. – Evyl

  7. Is that somebody’s ass hung between two legs? 😯

    It is something to behold. – Evyl

  8. you will never guess what I did last night…we had to cut the lambs!

    i did feel bad, just a little as i slipped the elastic band over his soft fuzzy nuts.

    just a little.

    The old man had nightmares all night, but I told him not to worry…

    Being raised on a ranch I have cut many young bulls, although always with a bit of sadness, until the steers were butchered for the sake of better barbecue. Ummm, crazee tastee. – Evyl

  9. Pah! Those little things? 😈

    Now, there is no need to be jealous. – Evyl

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